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I’m far overdue to report back to you the results of the reader survey that you helped me out with.  The response was extraordinary and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the numbers.  I’m humbled by everyone’s support.

The information that I was able to gather from this survey was invaluable to me.  It allows me to understand who you are and why you come to this blog.  This stuff is extremely interesting to me.  I spent countless hours slicing and dicing the response to draw various conclusions.  A few answers to open ended questions that I found entertaining:

  • Sometimes your posts are so boring I can’t bear to read them through. Most of the times i enjoy them greatly. But thats probably just me. I have used your tips before though. [CT] True – I sometimes can’t even get through proof reading all my crap.  That’s probably why I have so many spelling mistakes.
  • Some articles need editing fix spelling, unclear expresion etc [CT] Agreed, but…
  • I would like to know more about basic tips like how to pump up tyres, change punctures, oil my chain, how to shave my legs, etc. Your tips are too high brow and elitist. [CT] I think the guy above wouldn’t be able to bear reading through boring stuff like that.
  • Love the humor. [CT] Thanks!
  • Don’t try to be funny, because you’re not. Your jokes are terrible [CT] What???
  • Keep up the great tips and lighthearted humor [CT] Yessss!
  • the internet is not a democracy. Don’t change anything!  [CT]  Well said. Luckily I wouldn’t know how to change even if I tried
  • Cycling Tips helps me get through my long day at the office.  I’d die of boredom otherwise.  I hate my job  [CT] I’ll think of you every single morning when I don’t feel like writing.
  • Will you lead me out at Sandown Crits? [CT] You obviously haven’t seen how slow my leadout is

I was happy to hear that the general sentiment was that I should keep up what I’ve been doing.  I’m getting some lucky breaks along the way (for example, working with the Rapha team) and hopefully more of these opportunities will come.

People also seem to love the interactivity of the blog and the comments that genuinely add value to the content.   I’ve had to moderate only about 5 comments in the 5,000 that have been posted in the past 6 months, so that’s pretty darn good of you guys if you ask me.  Reading the comments is the highlight of my day.

People have indicated that they enjoy the guest posts.  In fact, this is one of my favorite parts of the blog.  Many times I have something to say and I can’t wait to say it, but I would love to have more contributors so that we could all get a different perspective on things.  I can see there’s a very large contingent of highly educated cycling enthusiasts reading who I’m sure have lots to offer in many different areas.  Email me at if you have something interesting to contribute.  I’d love to talk about it.

A few stats about the general community if you’re interested:



I have to thank my good mate Brad Davies for all his help with designing this survey.  Believe it or not there’s quite a bit of method to the madness of a survey like this.  Fortunately I’m surrounded by smart people who are eager to help (I have dozens of people to express my gratitude to).  Not only smart,  Brad just finished second in the Kona 24hr mtb race that qualified him for the World Championships.  If you’ve ever spent more than 3hrs on a mountain bike you’ll realize what a feat this is.  For you neanderthal mountain bikers out there, you can read about his epic race here.

I’m off to the Tour of Bright today as many of you are.  Have a great weekend, ride hard and ride safe.