Bay Crits – One Down, Three To Go…

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Bay Series 3

photo by James Broadway

Today was the first of four stages in the Bay Crit series.  I rarely get to be surrounded by such amazing riders and sometimes I need to pinch myself when I’m on the wheel of some legend like Robbie McEwen.  Unbelievable!

After the busy day we had I can now see why it would be so difficult for a pro rider in a Grand Tour to write a series of blog posts.  Even though the race itself is only an hour there’s a lot of other mucking around to be done!  Unfortunately I’m going to have to keep this one brief but there are some great photos that have been shared by some fantastic local photographers.

The race around the Geelong Botanical Gardens was fast and smooth.  Nice sweeping corners and you could just sit in the pack if you chose to.  There was a strong wind so it was very difficult for anyone to break away.  I had 3 cracks at getting away but didn’t get too far.

The final 4 laps was done at a cracking pace.  The back side of the course where there was a tailwind we were flying at over 60km/hr for those final laps.  If the pace didn’t raise your heartrate to 200bpm then the hair raising corners and elbow to elbow jostling for position definitely would.

On the final lap I was about midway in the peloton and the pace went from 60km/hr down to 30km/hr all of a sudden. This made some brake a little to heavily and there was a massive pile-up right in front of me.  Luckily I was able to dodge it but a couple of my teammates (Duncan and Tymmsy) trashed their Lightweight wheels.  Back to Germany they go!

In the end Graeme Brown took the bunch kick with Gossy and Robbie training behind.  Koen de Kort (our O2 Networks’ Tour De France rider) came in 10th.  This guy is unreal.


Graeme Brown (Urban Hotels)
Matthew Goss (Team Degani Cycling Cafe)
Robbie McEwen (Mazda)
Chris Sutton (Skilled/Lowe Farms)
Joel Pearson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)
Rico Rodgers (Total Rush)
Leigh Howard (Jayco VIS)
Baden Cooke (Skilled/Lowe Farms)
Greg Henderson (Mazda)
Koen de Kort (O2 Networks)

Now I leave you with a few photos from our CT correspondents. Tomorrow will be the toughest day of the series as there’s a massive hill where the boys will be separated from the men. If you want to see one exciting stage I suggest you come over to Geelong to see this one!

Bay Series 15

photo by James Broadway- the bunch warming up

Bay Series 1

photo by James Broadway – this is my favorite photo of the day.  Amazing depth of field!  Too bad about the subject  ;-)


photo by Simon Meagher – Koen de Kort on the right wheel


photo by Simon Meagher- Duncan driving the bunch

Bay Series 4

photo by James Broadway – my futile attempt at breaking away with Will Tehan

Bay Series 6photo by James Broadway – a strung out bunch on the back side of the course

Bay Series 8-0photo by James Broadway – the speed in the final 4 laps was unbelievably fast.  I was wondering who was driving this pace until I saw this photo!

Bay Series 11

photo by James Broadway – McEwen looking So PROBay Series 12

photo by James Broadway – Cookie looking quite positive with his new Saxobank contract.  It’ll be great to see him get on a good team again.


photo by Simon Meagher – Aftermath of the crash in the last lap.  Duncan in the back with some colorful words.

Bay Series 2

photo by James Broadway – many of the photographers were not happy with the position of the lead motorbike at the finish.  Wasn’t more than 10m ahead of the lead finishers!


photo by Simon Meagher – Another set of trashed Lightweights. Beautiful wheels but not the most practical.  These will be taking a trip back to Germany.

pic1ctWomen’s race  – photo by Aaron Upson

pic2ctWomen’s race  – photo by Aaron Upson

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