Bay Crits – Two Down, Two To Go!

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Bay Series Race 2-11

Photo by James Broadway

Well today was some tough racing!  If the crosswinds didn’t rip everyone’s legs off the kicker of a hill we had to endure lap after lap certainly did.

Break-aways were the order of the day.  After the first 15 minutes there always seemed to be a move up the road.  Our ringer Koen de Kort was in a promising break for a good portion of the race but it was brought back with about 10minutes left in the race.  The sprinters weren’t going to let this one go.

My race?  I had an excellent first 15 minutes, a lull for about 30 minutes where I nearly got dropped every corner we went around, and then a strong 15 minutes before the finish.  Go figure.  I don’t know about you, but when I start feeling absolutely shattered in a race and can’t be bothered doing anything, that usually means I need a gel to pick me up.  However, it sometimes takes me a good 20 minutes to realize that I’m running low on sugar and can actually be bothered to have something to eat.  After I get a gel in me I’m a new man again within 60 seconds!


1 Greg Henderson (Mazda)
2 Chris Sutton (Skilled/Lowe Farms)
3 Daniel Braunsteins (Degani Cycling Cafe)
4 Graeme Brown (Urban)
5 Robbie McEwen (Mazda)
6 Baden Cooke (Skilled/Lowe Farms)
7 Matthew Goss (Degani Cycling Cafe)
8 Joel Pearson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)
9 Koen de Kort (O2 Networks)
10 Nicholas Walker (Degani Cycling Cafe)

Bay Series Race 2-14

Hendo takes the win – James Broadway

Tomorrow will be my least favorite race – the dreaded hot dog circuit.  If you’re not in the top 20 you’re doomed.

Some great photos below by Leigh Schilling, James Broadway, and a cool video by Aaron Upson. Thanks heaps for sending in guys.  Brilliant!

video from yesterday’s race by Aaron Upson

Bay Series Race 2-7Photos below by James Broadway

Bay Series Race 2-16

Bay Series Race 2-9

If one break were to be successful, this would have been the one.  As it often happens, after too many riders started bridging up to the break-away they stopped working together and everything fell apart.Bay Series Race 2-3

Bay Series Race 2-12Koen de Kort puts the hurt on


Photos below by Leigh Schilling


The start of the race when everyone is still looking fresh.



Me looking like I’ve just finished Paris Roubaix with the photoshopping


Nowhere to hide from the crosswinds on the back straight


Leigh’s photoshop attempt at the “tilt shift” lens.  Looks like miniature models on bikes


Looks at the size of Duncan Smith’s quads!  I’m rooming with Duncan for this race and I’m just starting to put together how much of a superstar this guy used to be.  Some of his stories are unbelievable!


Daniel Braunsteins (front) is a monster!  He pipped Brown for 3rd today.  Well done Braunsteins!

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