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TDU Day 4a-2

Photos by James Broadway

It’s been an eventful day so I’m going to have to keep this short and sweet.  We had one of the most beautiful rides I’ve ever done in Australia, watched some phenomenal bike racing (Lance had a good dig at the end), ate some great food, and, um…locked ourselves out of our apartment.  Luckily the last part of the day wasn’t my doing so I got to extend my sushi dinner while the others sorted out our little problem.  We have loads of great photos from today but since it’s 1am and we just got into our room I’ll leave you with a few teasers.

It’s the Willunga Hill stage tomorrow and it’s gonna be nuts out there!

TDU Day 4-2

I still get a buzz whenever I see someone sporting the CT kit!

TDU Day 4aI don’t know who she is but she certainly looks important with that media pass!

TDU Day 4

TDU Day 4-3

Amber Halliday – She came 3rd in the $15k womens crit last night and used to be in the Olympic rowing team.  She also only has 238 twitter followers.  I think she deserves a few more, don’t you???   @AmberHalliday

TDU Day 4-4South Australia Premier Mike Rann posing for the camera

TDU Day 4cStuey and Robbie out mucking around

TDU Day 4a-3Cadel looking as comfortable as ever in front of the media

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