It’s been in the works for a while now but it’s finally come to fruition.  Cycling Tips has now hit the “real press”.   Will the fame and fortune go to my head?  Will a CT movie soon follow?   I’m speaking with James Cameron tomorrow about getting a cameo in Avatar 2 as a matter of fact…

Okay, okay….back to Earth.   From now onwards I’ll be blogging in the Fairfax online editions once a week or so (The Age, SMH, Brisbane Times and WAtoday).   I’ll attempt to reach a wider audience to promote and advocate cycling in Australia.  It’ll be a bit different than my daily blurb with all you cycling nuts but I’m hoping that this will give cyclists a much more positive and powerful platform to be heard and hopefully we can get more people riding their bikes.

Today’s post is a “soft launch”.  Nothing too controversial…yet.  There are lots of issues with cycling in Australia and hopefully you guys can help me use this platform effectively and responsibly.

So instead of commenting here today go over and read my first post and have your say there.  As always I’m sure you’ll have some great input.  I greatly appreciate all your support!

I’d like to thank Mike Van Niekerk (Online Editor-in-Chief for Fairfax Media and fellow cycling nut) for making this all happen.

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