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Here are some more photos from James Broadway showing what you may have missed on the Willunga Hill stage.  How good are those colors that jump right out at you!

BTW, if you want to go to the best wine bars in Melbourne visit James’ Enoteca (229 Gertrude St, Fitzroy).  He’ll talk your ear off about photography, cycling, food and wine!

TDU Day 5-12
TDU Day 5-2

Funny how James had a knack from being at the right place at the right time.  Notice the media frantically running behind when they see Lance get out of the van.  James could always get a smile out of the riders because he always smiled at them back.  I noticed some of the other photographers just shoving the camera in the riders’ faces then walking away.

TDU Day 5-5

Here’s me getting kicked out of the media area for “causing confusion”. They thought I was gate crashing their party.

TDU Day 5-4

Nope – not even the media pass would keep me in there unless I lost the lycra and the bike.   Yes…a cyclist and a fan of cycling can indeed also be part of the “media”.  Try explaining that to them though…

TDU Day 5-9

Samantha Lane from Channel 10 was always very pleasant.  Not all media are evil  ;-)

TDU Day 5-6

I remember a couple years ago sitting with a friend of mine who was taking care of Stuey’s son Seth while we watched him race a criterium.  Every time Stuey rode by Seth would yell “GO DADDY!”.  Then he stomped his foot and said “Daddy has only won one race!”

TDU Day 5-7

James even got the big serious German to crack a smirk!

TDU Day 5-3

No smiles from Pat McQuaid.   Adelaide was worried that Melbourne would try to steal the TdU like they did with the Formula 1.  Pat assured Adelaide that there would only ever be one Pro Tour race held in Australia.  Apparently this is great news???!!!

TDU Day 5-8

Dave Brailsford – manager of Team Sky.  I see a little grin hidden in there.

TDU Day 5-10

When Mike Tomalaris said to Cadel in an interview after the race “Cadel, you had all of  Australia sitting on the edge of their seats in that break away up Willunga!”  Cadel said “Yeah, well good for them. I was on the edge of my seat also“.   Cadel in one of his fine media moments thinking Tomalaris was having a go at him!

TDU Day 5a-8
TDU Day 5a-5
TDU Day 5a-1
TDU Day 5a-4
TDU Day 5a-2
TDU Day 5a-6
TDU Day 5a-7
TDU Day 5-14
TDU Day 5-15

Cadel Attacks!Valverde bridges! We have ourselves a race!

TDU Day 5-16
TDU Day 5-13
TDU Day 5-11

This woman was nicely color coordinated with the lamp posts today

TDU Day 5a-9
TDU Day 5a-3

Why would you go to any other Pro Tour race when you have this?

What does Jens say to his legs when they’re hurting?

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