Richie Porte came into the Tour Down Under saying he was underdone. That didn't stop him winning on Willunga Hill for the third time in a row.

Off To The Tour Down Under

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While the rest of the cycling world is under snow and deprived of race action, we in Australia are melting at the center of the cycling universe.  Lance Armstrong has just touched down and is twittering group rides in Adelaide like it’s going out of style.

I’ve always been presumptuous to think that if I ever posted or tweeted a CT group ride I’d probably only get one or two others who would join me.   Well now that more than three people have shown an interest in getting out for spin I thought it might not be such a bad idea.  It would be great to meet some of you face to face.  I can tell you tall tales of how I used to be an ice hockey and cycling superstar back in Canada and you could stroke my ego with praise.  Just nod and smile. Okay?  ;-)

So, here it is.  Tuesday, Jan 19 we’ll take a good 2-3hr ride down the beach. Meet 7 am Cibo cafe, King William rd Hyde Park. No half wheeling allowed.  I’ll be wearing my CT kit so you know who I am.  I only expect it to be a small group so it should be really good. Looking forward to it!

Also, don’t expect the usual cyclingnews type of coverage of the TdU over the next week.  Other sites do a pretty good job of reporting the race as it happens and showing victory salute pics.   I’m in desperate need of a vacation so what I’m going to be doing is having FUN!  That’s what you’re going to be seeing, because that’s what the TdU is all about!

Enjoy your weekend, ride hard, ride safe, and if you’re not going to be in Adelaide next week then tune in here to see the shenanigans you’re missing!

Another good way to follow the race is by downloading the TdU iPhone app. Mark from Cycling Maven will also be there and I encourage you to check in with him to see what mischief he gets up to in Adelaide.  Will fyxomatosis be there?  Last time I spoke with TC he was planning on RIDING to Adelaide on his singlespeed.  Crazy nut…

Hope to see you there.

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