Thunder Down Under

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VEEP0145-2Cadel and Sulzberger attack up Willunga! What is up with Cadel’s shoes?  Not PRO!  (photo Veeral Patel)

I haven’t had so much fun in a long, long time!  It was my first time at the Tour Down Under and I wouldn’t have done it much differently.  Fortunately I was surrounded by some old TdU veterans who knew their way around and the best way to see the race.  Later in the week I’ll write some TIPS on what we did, the routes we took, the places we stayed, the restaurants we ate at, and the pubs we got thrown out of.

Before I say anything further I want to show my gratitude to James Broadway and Veeral Patel.  I worked closely with these two photographers last week and I’m blown away at the talent these guys possess.  Neither James or Veeral are professionals and spent a considerable amount of time and money being in Adelaide with me last week.   Both of them are passionate cyclists as well as cycling fans who don’t do this for money, recognition or anything else.  I’m blessed to be surrounded by such passionate and talented people who are eager to help with this group project we call Cycling Tips.   I also want to thank the dozens of you who came up and introduced yourselves to me when you saw me out and about in Adelaide.  A truly awesome feeling!

More photos and writing to come later, however we all had a late night of traveling and the reality of our day jobs is now upon us.

VEEP0031-2Me lugging my camera gear climbing up Wallunga  (photo Veeral Patel)

VEEP9958Everyone’s favorite Aussie cyclist, Browny (photo Veeral Patel)

VEEP9893 Lance – the master of the media.  What a presence this guy has. You can feel it from a mile away.  (photo Veeral Patel)

VEEP9689(photo Veeral Patel)

VEEP9581How can you not love Big George!  (photo Veeral Patel)

VEEP0135HTC Columbia trying to rip the race apart in the crosswinds (photo Veeral Patel)

VEEP0090-2Allez Vichot!  (photo Veeral Patel)

VEEP0048-2The initial break away up Willunga (photo Veeral Patel)

VEEP0009I don’t think you’ll find a tour where the riders are more relaxed (photo Veeral Patel)


Here are the crazy nuts who are responsible for Vichot’s rise to fame (photo Veeral Patel)


Check out the heat coming off the pavement! (photo Veeral Patel)


I’m loving the new Team Sky kit (photo Veeral Patel)


Sanchez!  (photo Veeral Patel)

VEEP0467Go Cookie!  (photo Veeral Patel)

_MG_2158Even the police were having a great time getting up Willunga with their domestiques! (photos below by me)


Check out these two show ponies – they thought they were in the break!

_MG_2189Tiffany Cromwell strutting her stuff up and down Willunga

IMG_1511Everyone loves having their photo taken when you have a media pass hanging around your neck!

IMG_1515I’m tipping these Canucks will end up staying in Australia


TC sporting the CT

IMG_1501If you want to have a good time, hang out with the TKM guys for an afternoon. What a crazy bunch of nutbars!

IMG_1519TC rides from Melbourne to Adelaide with a 20kg pack on his back.  That’s as many km’s as the riders in the TdU!

IMG_1554The legendary Prince of Spain

IMG_1512Look at those tanlines – what a champion!

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