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  • After riding through debris use your bidon to rub your wheels clean instead of using your hands.  This will save wear on your gloves and avoid getting slivers getting caught in your fingers.
  • If you don’t have a tyre lever to fix a puncture try using the quick release part of the skewer.
  • Instead of trying to wipe your sunglasses clean from sweat with your jersey, just pour water over them and give them a shake.  You won’t risk scratching them and they’ll dry without spots or smears.
  • When riding beside someone and you need to look backwards put your arm on the shoulder of rider next to you.  This will give you a sense of reference to keep riding straight ahead.
  • Tip for cleaning jockey wheels: Let the chain pull a wipe into the derailleur and when gets stuck there it’ll clean as you turn the chain. Then just push the derailleur until it is straight and pull the wipe out.
  • Open your energy bars before you start your ride or race.  This way you won’t need to fiddle with them while you’re riding and it’ll make you eat more frequently.
  • Use babywipes to clean your bike, shoes, chain….nearly everything.  I don’t know what they put in these but there’s no better thing on earth to keep your gear clean.

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