Ban The Bunch?

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Last night the Bayside Counsel held a meeting to vote about banning parking along the rest of Beach Road on weekends.  The only news I’ve been able to find is that more information is needed before a decision can be made. UPDATE: Bayside Council rejects Beach Road parking ban.

At any rate, I wrote something for Fairfax (The Age, SMH, Brisbane Times and WAtoday) this morning hoping to spark some discussion on the problems of the big bunch rides that exists.  I can only give an informed perspective on the Melbourne bunch rides but I suspect that the same problem exists to some extent in the rest of Australia.

I’ve seen how some of the bunch rides in Melbourne have grown over the past few years.  If you think the Hell Ride is bad you should see the 6:30 Tuesday evening Beach Road ride and the Thursday evening Tour of Suburbs.  Sure they’re fun to ride in, but we’re our own worst enemy riding these like we do.  The bunch sprints take up 2 lanes and there are cyclists scattered everywhere amongst traffic.   Every time I do one of these rides I shake my head at some of the bonehead moves that people pull (myself included).  The amount of testosterone that flows when you get 50-100 guys together is unbelievable.  I’m just waiting for the day that someone gets killed.   I’m afraid that’s what is going to happen before people wise up.

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