I’ll be sending Avanti and TFM an advertising invoice this month ;-)

The Kinglake climb is a terrific 7.5km ascent with a 5% gradient.  Will Walker holds the record of 15: 16mins. That’s 29km/hr!  We did it in just under 18mins which still wasn’t easy.

I was busy taking photos and got separated from my group.  Luckily I bumped into a few of my other mates James Broadway (not taking photos for once) and Sharon Laws!

Yes,  Sharon’s Cervelo kit and bike are the real deal. If anyone ever questions the competitiveness of women’s pro cycling, tell them to try holding onto Sharon’s wheel.  Oh, and as Sharon found out – don’t use babywipes to clean your rims. They’ll make a horrible screetching that’ll drive you bananas!

One year later and the community of Kinglake is still living in temporary housing

Lots of rebuilding still going on..

The vegetation is growing back but there are still charred trees as far as the eye can see.

Such a beautiful area but reminders of bad news are everywhere