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We’ve now completed stages 2 and 3 of our tour of duty in Veitnam.  Yesterday was one of the most fun days on the bike I’ve ever had… 

It all started with a nice easy ride from our hotel (which was a palace) in Da Nang to our guide/friend’s relative’s place who put on a feast for us.  Fortunately for us we had someone show us the way through the maze of side roads and and villages to get us there.  All the food we could possibly eat was put in front of us and it was all cooked fresh that morning straight from their backyard.

After a belly full of food we got back on our bikes to retrace our steps and onto our next destination through the back streets like you see above.  About 70km of them!  It was like riding Paris-Roubaix with swarms of scooters rushing by for us to catch a motorpace from.  Everyone caught their own random scooter and we raced through these twisty roads through small villages and rice fields.  We’d leapfrog to faster scooters if they came by or get stuck looking for another lift if one turned off.   We were absolutely flying the whole way home and was probably the most fun and exhilarating “races” I’ve ever done!  We were absolutely shattered by the time we rolled into our next hotel at about 6pm.  Alas, there was copious amounts of amazing food to be eaten on our arrival.

We have so many Vietnamese people yelling “Hell0!” to us and making us feel so welcome.  We haven’t been almost killed by a bogan rickshaw driver once!

Scrumptious coconuts!


There’s a lot of grit on the roads that you pick up but there’s always someone eager to give you a good bike wash for a couple hundred Dong.

Cafe Sua Da – Vietnamese iced coffee.  I’m absolutely addicted to this stuff!

GPS files of where we’ve been:

Day 2:  Da Nang to Hoi An

Day 3: Hoi An to My Khe

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