The Two-and-a-Quarter Rule

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I was having lunch with a friend yesterday and the conversation inevitably led to cycling.   Many things came out of this chat but one profound thing that stood out is the two and a quarter rule (2¼ rule).

An old coach from back in his VIS days always told him that people have the capacity to be 100% committed to only two and a quarter (2¼) things at one time.  If you try to fit any more in something will have to be sacrificed.  For most of us, work takes up one point, wife and kids take up another point, and you have a quarter of a point left to play with.  You can see why competitive cycling is a young man’s game.

Cycling is a sport that can consume a person.  It has this strange allure that can even become addictive.  Take a look at where you’re taking points from in the other areas of your life and ask yourself if the sacrifice is worth it.

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