What You Missed This Morning – In Kinglake

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Kinglake at the crack of a sparrows ass to beat the heat.  It looks spectacular this time of the morning.  – Graeme Pereira

This weekend will mark the first anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfires.  The roads that go straight through the devastated area are some of Melbourne’s best riding areas and my favorite training grounds. Glad to see the people are getting back with their lives and the forest is starting to recover.

On another note, a fellow Canuck emailed me yesterday asking my advice.  He and his wife are making the move to Australia for a bit of adventure, riding,  job opportunities (healthcare and hi-tech) and great weather.  They’re deciding between Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane.  Sorry Sydney, you didn’t make the shortlist  ;-)   Of course I recommended Melbourne if they want all of the above and more (I’m awaiting a “great weather” wisecrack.  It’s all relative…).  Anyone have any other tips for them?

The Kinglake Climb – You’ll see Cadel training here quite often  (photo Graeme Pereira)

(photo Graeme Pereira)

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