“Cocaine Bars” Energy Bar Recipe

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In Vietnam we ate like kings and were in heaven during every meal. However, the one food that saved the day was Dear Leader’s “Cocaine Bars”.  I have no idea why they’re called this, but I’m not one to argue.  They tasted sensational and are packed with calories.  I’m guessing there are about 500 calories in 100g serving (just slightly larger than the size of a basic mobile phone). One thing I always look for in a food to eat while on the bike is that it’s moist, chewy, and don’t flake in your mouth and get caught in your throat. They were perfect for the job.  I’m not sure I’d eat these in a race with the amount of nuts and dried fruits in them, but they brought me back from the dreaded “bonk” many times over the past two weeks.  I just made a batch of these  bars last night and will be using these for many upcoming training rides.

I’m disappointed my beloved Clif Bars (and other Clif products) aren’t imported into Australia anymore. Apparently the egg ingredient in them is a big no no by Australian food regulations.   I can’t believe the Powerbar Harvests aren’t even here yet.   In my opinion here’s a massive gap in the energy bar market here in Aus.  I haven’t tasted one that I particularly like yet and they’re all way too expensive.  In comparison to North America we’re missing out on our choices, big time.  Until then, these Cocaine Bars are my weapon of choice for training.  As Dear Leader would say, “They’re weapon grade!”

Cocaine Bars Recipe

1 cup Sesame seeds
2 cups Almond meals
4 cups Rolled oats
1 cup Pine nuts
1 cup Pumpkin seeds
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup Currents
1 cup Cranberries
1 cup Apricots
1 cup Figs

Favorite Jam 500g jar
½ cup Honey
250g Butter
4 table spoons Cinnamon

Preheat over at 180°c

Combine dried ingredients in a big bowl. Place mixed dried ingredients in a food processor and process until combined dried ingredients become size of small sands or couscous in size.

Melt butter in a sauce pan on medium heat then add honey, jam and cinnamon. Mix thoroughly then remove from heat.

Combine wet ingredients with processed dried ingredients. Place mixtures in a lined baking tin with baking paper. Lightly press mixtures down with a wooden spoon or clean hand.  Bake in over for 30 minutes or until golden brown.

Allow cake to cool then cut into bars and wrap individual bar in tin foil.

Note: You can substitute any of the above ingredients with our own favorites.

Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for any performance enhancement substitutes. Do not strap any Cocaine bars to your body. Death penalty will be incurred if caught with Cocaine bars in most Asian countries.

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