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Hi everyone,

Mrs. CT here. Let me tell you, I was just as jealous as all of you reading about Wade’s cycling escapades in Vietnam over the past two weeks. Last week I came across this comment by a reader named Rick (although Wade was convinced that I had written it!).

“CT, there is no other way to say it…. I’m bloody jealous of your feats! If there is anything I’d like to know it’s how you manage to swindle a bike trip to Vietnam with 12 of your mates whilst maintaining employment and (more importantly) keeping Mrs. CT happy? Not too mention that you were at Tour Down Under earlier this year. I want to know the secret so that I may incorporate this into my life (especially the keeping the wife happy thing whilst I’m off gallivanting the world with my bike).”

Funny, I use the exact same term (‘gallivanting‘) when I explain Wade’s absences to my family and friends.  So how does he get away with it? Well for a start, Wade’s endless weekends away and mini-vacations with his bike and blokes don’t come without strings attached. However, I tend to cut him some slack for a few reasons…

For me his gallivanting around the world means:

  • – upon his return there is a grace period where he basically can’t say ‘no’ to anything I ask. This goes for anything from doing the dishes to going to chic flicks…all with a smile on his face.
  • – it gives me more negotiating power for a vacation of my choice, sans the bike.
  • – he’ll spend a few days off the bike when he returns.  A rare occurrence usually saved for ass kissing so he can get back in my good books.
  • – he can’t object to any purchases I make while he is away, no matter how big or small.  If nothing else, this would be enough in itself to let him have his vacation!
  • – I always have a favor in my back pocket if needed. A very comforting feeling, even if I never use it!
  • – when I cook dinner I actually get to enjoy some left-overs the next day. Alternatively, I don’t have to cook a single thing if I don’t feel like it.
  • – I get to sleep in without the sound of pumping tyres and him rummaging around our bedroom at 5am with his bike torch.
  • – I get to watch my T.V. fluff in peace.’ My Kitchen Rules’ seems so blissful without the constant commentary that “this show is rubbish…”etc.etc.
  • – his time away provides an opportunity for him to reflect on how good he has it at home!
  • – I desperately miss him but then again absence makes the heart grow fonder…

But when all is said and done, the simple fact of the matter is, when he’s happy I’m happy. I think the saying typically goes the other way around but if any of you have tried to spend time with Wade when he’s been off the bike for a few days, you’d understand. Trust me, he really is at his best when he’s eating, breathing, and talking cycling! Don’t worry, I pay attention to at least 1/3 of his cycling commentary :-)