Murphy’s Law Of Cycling

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Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  This reminds me that Paris-Roubaix is quickly approaching and if Big George has another race like we’ve seen in past years we’ll officially be renaming these to Hincapie’s Laws.   Murphy is no stranger to cycling and is perpetually sucking Big George’s wheel.  In fact, he’s lurking close behind all of us ready to attack when you’re least ready for it.

Murphy’s Law #1

thanks to @GertrudeEnoteca this this truism

Murphy’s Law #2

Murphy’s Law #3

Murphy’s Law #3 is a bitch.  I crashed right after I posted it on twitter. I’m not looking forward to crashs 2 & 3…

Murphy’s Law #4

Murphy’s Law #5

Murphy’s Law #6

and of course it will also rain when you do bring a rain jacket…

Sorry about that Gerro.  We’re cool now, right?  ;-)

And while we’re talking about Gerro…

what are you doing giving your spare tube to Wiggo?

Not necessarily “Murphy’s Laws”, but a few other Laws of Cycling that always hold true (while I’m on a roll)…

  • When you go into a bikeshop with intentions to buy some handlebar tape you’ll come out at least $300 poorer every time.
  • You will always be home from a ride 30mins later than you told your wife.  Always blame Law#5 and your riding mate.
  • You will drive into your garage with your bike on your roofrack at some stage in your life.  Guaranteed.
  • When building a bike from parts you bought over the internet there will always be a piece that doesn’t fit.
  • The day you have an unplanned EPIC 200km wet, windy, cold ride you’ll have big social engagement that evening.

Have a fantastic weekend, ride safe, and ride hard!

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