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If it’s not already obvious I’m a bit of a nut for bikes. As crazy as they sometimes get, I love everything about them.  Here are some interesting and random designs that I’ve come across that certainly won’t be within UCI guidelines, but fun to look at (and mock) nonetheless.

TGIF.  I need another vacation already.  Enjoy your weekend!

The Factor 001

Bikes should be pushing the limits of innovation more often.  If you ask any motorcyclist they’d tell you that cycling is light years behind in technology.  There’s hydraulic brakes integrated into the frame and a Shimano Di2 electronic shifting.   The frame is also packed with load sensors, wiring, batteries and control cables that help the bike to collect up to 100 separate bits of ergonometric data—from skin temperature to respiration rate and humidity to individual leg power output. The rider can later download these for analysis. Will set you back about $46k.   Website.


A fellow named James commented in one of the Vietnam posts.  I took a look at his website and looked at the bamboo bikes he builds (called BooBicycles).   I’ve seen a few bamboo bikes before but never one as nice as this.  Put one my wishlist.  Even spec’d with Edge Wheels!  I’d love to see how it rides.


This has to be the stupidest bike ever produced.  I applaud them for trying though.  I seriously wonder if any have been sold and this photo is just a fixie that’s been spraypainted gold (like my CX trophy taking up space in my spare room).  24 carat gold and 80, 000 GBP.   Website

Bottecchia Kronotech

This Bottecchia Kronotech Concept Bike made its debut as a design in the 1986 Vancouver World Expo, it was never produced till date. With modern bikes like this coming out in the last couple of years, the Kronotech might no longer be very relevant.

The Ultimate Tandem

I’ve always thought the true test of a marriage would be doing a couple week tour riding a tandem.  If I were to take the challenge I would insist it be on this one. Notice that the rider up front doesn’t need to pedal. I call shotgun!


I’d love to rock up to the 6am bunch ride on this thing.  Constructed and designed in New Zealand, the YikeBike is touted as “the worlds smallest, lightest electric folding bicycle at less than 10kg.” Available mid-2010, priced at $6,000.


If I ever grow a beard, get a helmet mirror and buy a recumbent, I already know the one I’m getting. Only 7.9kg (and a bunch of other specs that don’t mean anything to me) Website

Inner City Bike

Hipsters will fall in love with this one.  A bike so focused on style that they forgot to include a chain.  Top speed of 23km/hr with all the leverage of those crank arms. Is there really a need for 4 inches of travel on the front??? Website


I’m not quite sure of the situation that would call for one of these bad boys but I sure dig them. Website