Beach Road No Stopping Zone

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For all of you who don’t live in Melbourne this post probably won’t interest you.  My apologies for the exclusion.

For those of you who do live in Melbourne, you’re probably one of the 5,000 – 10,000 cyclists who ride on Beach Road on the weekends from time to time.

You’re most likely familiar with the No Stopping Zone that Bayside Council has not elected to implement from 6 AM to 10 AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings along Beach Road.  The other two councils, Kingston and Port Phillip, have chosen to make their portions of Beach Road a No Stopping Zone.  At present the Bayside Council is divided and one more councilor needs to be convinced in order to get the No Stopping Zone in place for the entirety of Beach Road.

If you know Michael Forbes you’ll know that he’s driving hard to push the No Stopping Zone through the Bayside Council so that accidents like his are avoided (for those who don’t know, he was hit by a truck and ricocheted into a parked four-wheel-drive. Michael is now a quadriplegic).  If Beach Road was a clearway there’s a good chance that accidents like his could be avoided.

If you feel strongly about getting Beach Road designated as a No Stopping Zone from 6 AM to 10 AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings you can help by signing this petition and sending it back to Michael (address on the petition).  The rules state that only written petitions will be considered, so unfortunately this can’t be done electronically.  I know it sounds like a pain in the ass to physically send in, but every signature helps.  Perhaps get signatures around your office to make it worthwhile.  If you feel strongly about this, let’s see what democracy can do.


As a show of hands it would be interesting to use the comments section below to keep an electronic record of people signing this petition.  Feel free to write your name as a comment (no need to create an account, just sign your name as a guest).

You can read more about Michael’s efforts on this issue and story here.

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