As always, have a great weekend, ride hard and ride safe.

a) George Hincapie

b) Roger Hammond

c) Paul Sherwin

d) Phil Ligget

a) Zac Dempster

b) Jack Bobridge

c) I have no clue but he has some freaky-ass calves

a) Sean Kelly

b) Sean Yates

c) Sean Connery

a) Brad Wiggins

b) Chris Hoy

c) David Millar

a) German Team Sprint Squad

b) Russian Woman’s Track Team

c) Crowie’s Ridewiser Ergo Squad

a) Der Kaiser

b) Der Jan

c) Ulle

d) all of the above

a) Darren Lapthorne

b) Robby McEwen

c) Matty Lloyd

d)  One of many punters seen on Beach Road on a Saturday morning

a) Johnny Clarke

b) Ivan Dominguez

c) Sebastian Haedo

d) Michelangelo’s David sporting lycra

a) Phil Anderson

b) Sean Yates

c) Kevin Costner

d) Dennis Quaid

a) Kris de Timmzy

b) Simon Gerrans

c) Jez Hunt

d) The Mooksy Missile

a) Michael Rasmussen

b) Richard Virenque

c) Marco Pantani

d) all of the above (combined)