L-B-L – An Unpopular Win

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Yes, Vino has served his suspension, but if he wants to be loved and admired by the fans again he needs to show some humility and class off the bike as well. It was a sensational win but Vino will need to think before he speaks if he’s to regain some respect back from the people:

“Of course I’m clean now. To win without doping you have to work, I’ve always done it this way. I want to show the young riders that it is possible this way,”

“I’m winning now because I’ve got the class to do it. I served my time. I’ve been suspended for two years but I’ve turned that dark page. I don’t want to talk about that subject once again, it’s behind me now. Now there’s a Vino without doping.” I thought you always maintained you were innocent Vino?

“I wanted to prove that I can win without doping,” Remember, you said you were innocent

“Since last year I’m back at a high level, after being out for two years. The hard work in training paid off, proving that thanks to hard work it’s possible to win too. I wanted to prove that I deserve the confidence from you, and the crowd. Winning here is a bit of a revenge for us.” Revenge for what?  Your own lie?  You are not a victim.

I’m going for a nice long ride today and will hopefully be in a better mood when I get back. Interested to hear your thoughts…

“I don’t want this sport any more. I’m slamming the door and I’m leaving.” Vino announcing his 2007 retirement

Better luck next year Gerro.  Great way to finish the Ardennes in 12th spot (possibly better if you filter the results)

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