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My apologies but I won’t be posting anything today.  My hosting provider has just informed me that Cycling Tips is buckling under it’s own weight and I need to deal with the issue immediately.  That means either transferring everything to a very expensive dedicated hosting solution or something else (which I need to figure out).  Anyway, I’m consulting my tech geek crew and we’ll have it all dealt with by tomorrow.  Hopefully there will be no further interruptions.

If anyone has any suggestions on cool features, content, or anything else you’d like to see on Cycling Tips this would be a great opportunity to say it.   Your feedback is always welcome and some of the best ideas implemented so far come directly from you guys.

UPDATE: With the help from some readers I’ve managed to get in touch with Richie Porte for an interview before he leaves for the Giro.  I’d like to questions to come from you guys.   What would you like me to ask?

Enjoy your day!