Cadel’s Rainbow Shoes Auction For Cerebral Palsy

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If you were following Cadel’s Rainbow jersey auction you’ll have noticed that it raised $6300 in an exciting overtime bidding war.  To put this into something tangible, this will buy 4 walking frames for kids affected with cerebral palsy.  An outstanding contribution and the Upfields and I thank everyone who bid for their generosity and eagerness.

Starting tonight at 8:30pm AEST we’ll be starting the auction for Cadel’s Rainbow Gaerne shoes.

In the past I’ve have been playfully critical of Cadels current black and green Giordana  shoes as it was a bit of a wonder as to where his oh-so-PRO rainbow shoes actually went.  The whole reason he’s riding around in those gawdawful black and flouro green shoes is because he gave them to Lily Upfield.  Cadel and Chiara are two of her biggest fans and they gave Lily the world champion shoes to help raise money for cerebral palsy.

The Auction will run for 7 days and will end on Monday, May 31 at 8:30 AEST.

If I were a cashed up company looking for some great exposure while doing a great service,  I’d be bidding these shoes and lending them back to Cadel to use for the rest of the season.   What a terrific story that would be!  Just a thought…

******************************CLICK HERE FOR AUCTION******************************

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