Giro d’Aussie!

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Even if the Giro were to end tomorrow I think it’s save to say that Australia has completely dominated one of the most prestigious bike races in the world.  I have never watched a Grand Tour with such excitement!

Four man escape Giampaolo Cheula (Footon-Servetto), Tom Stamsnijder (Rabobank), Michael Barry (Sky) and Russian breakaway specialist Mikhail Ignatiev

One more reason to love the Giro…

Look at Cadel (on the left) even having a go!  Who says he doesn’t have panache???!!!

Move aside Greiple, Gossie is here to stay

How many pure sprinters does HTC Columbia need? I’ve never seen this before in a team!

Lap it up while it lasts Vino.


(curated by Sam, our quiz master)


1. What jersey did Phil Anderson win in the Giro?

2. The Lion King 2002 World Champion Mario Cippolini won 42 stages of the Giro, including 3 time points/sprinter winner. When was his last stage win?

3. An Aussie won the shortest ever Giro stage in 2005, being 1.15km. Who was he?

Answers From Yesterday:

1. Amgen, the Tour of California title sponsor makes EPO. Interesting article on their unlikely partnership with the race here.

2. Brad Wiggins was born in Ghent, Belgium.  His father was born in Australia

3. Phil Anderson won a stage in the Giro in 1990

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