Giro d’Italia – Stage 10

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The sun finally showed up in Italy and the sprinters came out to shine.

All four of Vino’s teenage fans crowding around the bus. Mayhem.

Bobridge has clawed his way out of the Lanterne Rouge and is now sitting comfortably in second last spot.  Damien Gaudin (Fra) from Bbox Bouygues Telecom is now the Lanterne Rouge after losing nearly 8 minutes in the stage.

What is this?  A triathlete paceline?

I was hoping to see Sastre do better this Giro.  He’s such a likable guy after seeing him in Overcoming. “This computer need to understand me…This is more intelligent than me” when talking about his SRM with Riis

Tyler Farrar’s tattoos on his forearms mark the Buddhist sayings “May all be happy” and “Inner peace”.   Not your typical sprinter with a chip on his shoulder.

Farrar’s leadout man Julain Dean (who is Kiwi, which is practically Aussie) find inner peace together.


(curated by Sam, our quiz master)


1. True or False – Mario Cippolini was once arrested motor-pacing on an Italian Autostrada?

2. In the Giro of the 1940’s there was a jersey for the last placed rider.  What color was it?

3. Eddie Merckx is the rider with the most days in the Maglia Rosa – is it 36, 56 or 76?

Answers From Yesterday:

1. Phil Anderson won the Maglia Azzurra or Intergiro blue jersey. If you can explain what it actually is, all the best.

2. Mario Cippolini’s last Giro stage win was in 2003.

3. Brett Lancaster won the shortest ever Giro stage in 2005, being 1.15km.

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