Richie still in Pink after today and doing Tasmania proud.

Cadel and Righi make up after their punch-on in yesterday’s stage.

Two notable Aussies having a good time at the start.  Great result by Travis Meyer today getting 10th.  He was very active in the break today.  As expected, Bobridge was a DNS.

The race finished in Cesenatico, Marco Pantani’s hometown.  He certainly delivered a lot of drama in his racing career and perhaps that’s why he’s remembered so fondly.

There was no doubt that an Italian was going to win today’s stage.  This was also Belletti’s hometown, so you know the significance it carries made him want it more than anyone.   Congrats to Henderson for getting second!

The sponsors are gonna start picking up on the arm tattoo trend as a prime advertising position.  I’m surprised they haven’t already.

And from the Tour of California…SHUT UP LEGS! Thanks to @assholeMike for sending in from Cali.