Basso starting and finishing the day in Pink. Photo RCS Sport

Photo RCS Sport

Italian fans still love their Basso (Photo RCS Sport)

Vino was up there early on battling it out with Matty Lloyd for the KOM points

Basso always up front like he should be. (Photo RCS Sport)

Basso having his team keep him up front, like it should be (Photo RCS Sport)

Photo RCS Sport

All I can say is, EPIC!

Richie Porte right up there with the big guns! 19th place was his result today and sitting in 6th on GC

Pozzato was almost 26mins back at the finish today

The gruppetto just trying to make it through the day

Photo RCS Sport

Johann Tschopp takes the win after battling it out up the Gavia with Simoni who wanted his last Giro win of his career (RCS Sport)

Cadel gets second on the stage at 16 seconds back. (RCS Sport)

You can't say Cadel didn't fight for it. He's 5th on GC at 3:47 down on Basso

Basso and Scarponi fight it out for 3rd and 4th. Basso holding onto Pink (RCS Sport)

Arroyo rolling across the line in 5th.

Photo RCS Sport

Photo RCS Sport

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