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The Giro d’Itailia has started and so has my 3 weeks of sleep deprivation.  The thing that’s going to make it more fun for me this year compared to previous years is that I’m in a tipping competition.  I’m sure thousands of others are doing the same and you can all vouch that it’s an absolute blast.   I highly recommend joining one if you’ve never done it before.  It wasn’t hard to predict, but my first ever tip was spot on.

I’ve vowed that Cycling Tips will be spoiler-free for the duration of the Giro, so you won’t know the winner until the next page.  Let the games begin!

Anything goes in Amsterdam.

#2 on the startlist – Alberto Loddo out of the gates in his new TT suit.

The face of the Giro d’Italia 2010, Yolanthe Cabau Van Kasbergen.  We will be seeing LOTS of her over the next 3 weeks…

Hendo had a stellar prologue.  He’s the only sprinter even close to pink at this stage.  I won’t be surprised to see him wearing the leaders jersey if Sky decides to chase down the breaks.  Twitter status:  “Ouch. That hurt. 10mins is stretching the friendship between me and TT. Very happy though. I had nothing left at the line.”

We are witnessing a true champion in the making folks. Richie is just lapping it up having a good ol’ time. Again, not a hint of suffering. Facebook status today  “White jersey…Bloody oath!” Twitter status: “would have liked to emulate my hero @bdlancaster and take pink jersey, but still happy with white jersey and 6th overall.”

This is the first photo I’ve seen of Cadel in the regular BMC colors. Looks kinda strange.   Cadel’s twitter status: “Happy to get the Giro started. @BrentBookwalter set a nice standard… ;o)”

I’m glad to see Vino frothing at the mouth showing some pain.

One hit wonder or true TdF contender?  Don’t expect much more than a dress rehearsal from Wiggo this Giro.   Wiggo’s Twitter status:  “So job done, big thanks for all the kind messages, I’m humbled!”

Wiggo has to be the coolest cat in the peloton.  You should see him walk. I was watching him strut his stuff during the Herald Sun Tour.  It’s like the moonwalk, but forwards.  Very PRO

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