Giro d’Italia – Stage 4 TTT

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Beautiful day for a TTT. Download wallpaper.

Witnessing a ProTour TTT is like watching a well oiled machine if the conditions are good.  However, with the horrible weather these guys had it looked more like the bunch off limit in a handicap at times!  As they say, a tough day at the office.

Photos, video highlights and quiz at the bottom of the post.

Video Highlights

And how can we go a stage of the Giro without Yolanthe?  Anyone understand the Italian/Enlgish mix she’s speaking?

The white skinsuit probably wasn’t be best option today Wiggo. Looks like you’re riding for Footon-Servetto.  Download wallpaper

McEwen is definitely out of his comfort zone here pulling a turn.  I don’t recall ever seeing him do that before.  He can’t wait to mix it up in the sprints though.  Robbie’s Twitter status“how was that hail storm that got our teams. caught a coupla stones on the shnoz. almost spewed at end. glad that’s over”.  Also “so I reckon a sprint tmoro, then again on stgs 9,10 + 12.”….”a nice orderly, gentlemans sprint…no wait, i’m going to get involved! ha”

Richie is down to 3rd in the White Jersey competition, right behind fellow Tassie Matty Goss.   Richie’s Twitter status “TTT done, Saxo not so lucky with the weather. The fellas rode awesome today, the battle keeps going though!”

Good to see Cadel praising BMC on Twitter for the way they handled the day “TTT done, going early did not catch the good weather. Mad X-winds for us turned tailwind for last teams. Very happy with the (Bmc) boys!”

I’m beginning to like the Footon-Servetto kit slightly more.   Slightly

I love it when Vino froths at the mouth.

Great photo by Stefano Sirotti of the Colnago fellas.

I don’t know what it is about Basso but he’s such a likable bloke.  Yes he’s dodgy, but the way he quietly left and came back made all the difference in the way he’s viewed.  Perhaps if he started winning races again that view might change?

Vincenzo Nibali in pink now.  Vino is 33 sec down and Cadel is 27th at 1:59 behind.  Gossy (4th), Richie (8th), Cookie (11th) and Brownie (20th) are notable Aussies up high in GC!


(Courtesy of our Master Quiz Curator, Sam)

No Googling

1. Match the recorded VO2 max – Brad McGee, Greg LeMond, Cadel Evans and Miguel Indurain – 87, 88, 89, 94

2. Tomorrow’s stage pays homage to immortal Italian winner of the Giro (5 times) Fausto Coppi who died 50hrs ago.  What did he die of?

3. Which Garmin rider’s Father was famous for cresting the famed Gavia Pass in the 1988 Giro in his shirt sleeves in the snow and then was found shivering in a mountain hut 20km’s on the descent unable to continue?  Hint: Fyxomatosis posted the You Tube clip of this a little while ago.

Note:  The Cadel World Champion jersey will be going on auction this afternoon.  Update with details later today.

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