Giro – Stage 5

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Vincenzo Nibali kept out of trouble to retain Pink

It was another exciting stage of the Giro with an unexpected finish.  I won’t spoil what happened until you scroll down to the bottom past the video.

If you haven’t seen it already, Cadel’s BMC rainbow jersey has gone up for auction to raise money for cerebral palsy.  I’m absolutely astounded that it’s raised over $4,000 in a few hours of bidding.  That amount of money will buy 3 walking frames for children with CP.  That’s the same value of my fancy bike frame (which doesn’t seem so important anymore when put into context).  Thank you to everyone who is spreading the word on facebook, twitter, email, etc.

Who knew a simple jersey could do so much good?  I’m glad to see Cadel recognizes the impact of his donations.

After early showers it became a nice day for a bike race.  Same as my epic ride in Kinglake yesterday.

25km into the stage these four managed to make their move stick.

Even though the day was considered a sprinters stage, there were still a couple category 3 speed bumps to get over.

Some say that Bobridge is the last of the Aussie hardmen.  Perhaps that’s the secret to his success.  Party hard Jack!

I cannot believe they didn’t get caught!  There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a breakaway only meters away from the finish line and making it stick!

Look at the face of Julien Fouchard.  Chances like that don’t come very often in the season! I feel for him.  He must be gutted!

This photo reminds me of the times when some guy pips you at the line sprinting for 90th spot while you’re casually rolling in.  I think Cadel is past that point in his career…

High five Pineau!


(Courtesy of our Master Quiz Curator, Sam)

No Googling

1.  What bikes do the Lampre team ride?

2. The only winner of the two Giro stages ever held up Monte Zoncolan (15th stage this year is 218 km and includes a 22% max gradient) is who?

3. What is so special about the road and the mechanics/support vehicles in the Stage 16 individual time trial up Plan de Corones?

Yesterday’s Quiz Answers

1. Match the recorded VO2 max – Brad McGee, Greg LeMond, Cadel Evans and Miguel Indurain – 87, 88, 89, 94

Answer: Evans 87, Indurain 88, McGee 89, LeMond – 94

2. Tomorrow’s stage pays homage to immortal Italian winner of the Giro (5 times) Fausto Coppi who died 50hrs ago.  What did he die of?

Answer:  Malaria, after riding in an exhibition event in Burkina Faso.

3. Which Garmin rider’s Father was famous for cresting the famed Gavia Pass in the 1988 Giro in his shirt sleeves in the snow and then was found shivering in a mountain hut 20km’s on the descent unable to continue?  Hint: Fyxomatosis posted the You Tube clip of this a little while ago.

Answer: Matt Keenan and his computer-like cycling mind pointed out to me that Johan van der Velde was actually the man referenced to in this question.  Unfortunately he is not the father of Christian Vande Velde, John Vande Velde.  Riccardo Van De Veld, not racing the Giro, is his son (also on Garmin-Transitions). My mistake.

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