Giromania – Stage 3

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Personally I find races that are completely decimated by crosswinds infinitely more exciting that any mountain stage.  It’s an absolute crapshoot where the race can be completely turned on it’s head. This is the spectacle that what we were treated to last night.

By the way those balloons got ripped out of that netting and blew across the sky you knew we’d have a good race to watch!

Richie can’t wipe that grin off his face.  It’s the same as his TT grimace. Can you believe his in 2nd on GC now!?

As Cadel said on Twitter  “enjoying the benefits of the maglia rosa.”.  Indeed…

You gotta love Yolanthe’s healthy pink Giro-gums

You guys won’t be smiling for long.  Did you see how fast those balloons got blown away?

Final Kilometers

Don’t scroll down beyond video – spoiler below

Greipel didn’t hold back with his feelings towards Weylandt after the stage. “You didn’t do anything at all, you rotten dumbass,”. Yes, I’m pissed too André. I tipped you to win last night!

Cadel will now be enjoying the benefits of not defending the jersey.  I think that loosing the jersey will take a lot of weight off his shoulders. Only 43 seconds down.

Yet another Aussie on the podium.  Great to see Brownie up there!

This will raise some heated emotions in cycling fans.


(Courtesy of our Master Quiz Curator, Sam)


1. Who has the fastest recorded top speed for the Giro of 73 km’s/hr?

a) Cippolini

b) Petacchi

c) Contador?

2. What are the green, white and red stripes on Graeme Brown’s armband indicitive of? (see final sprint photo)

a) He is a former Italian national champion

b) He is the Italo-Australia club champion (decided by a poker game)

c) It’s Rabobank’s special edition Giro d’Italia jersey

3. What colour is the Giro KOM jersey?

a) Green

b) Red/white poka dot

c) Purple

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