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It’s been an intense week here on Cycling Tips with some hot issues being discussed.   Quite frankly I just want to get back to enjoying cycling and the Giro d’Italia couldn’t come at a better time.

It seems that every second person I bump into is traveling to Italy over the next few weeks and I’m extremely jealous.  I’d give anything to be there.  Especially while I’m still coming to terms with winter in Melbourne.  In any case, if you’re going over there and get some good photos be sure to send them in and gloat.

I’ve created a Twitter list that includes all English speaking Tweeters involved with the Giro and strategically placed it under the Site Sponsors’ ads.  I’ve done this so that their messages are subliminally etched into your subconscious and you buy all their products without second guessing it. Yes, very clever.

Even though the Giro d’Italia isn’t as well marketed as the Tour de France it has a lot of things going for it.  Many believe it’s a  better race than the TdF altogether.  The climbs are tougher, longer, steeper.  The sprints are more exciting.  The weather can be a factor.   All it’s missing is the field depth of the TdF.

There are 14 Aussies racing in the Giro this year.  I’d hate to jinx it, but I think we have the best possible chance at winning the pink jersey we’ve ever had.  No pressure Cadel.

In amongst the discussion of yesterday’s post we had some readers lighten things up with some Giro quiz questions:

Sam: “who was the first Aussie to win a stage in both the Giro and the Vuelta?  Hint – he helped Richie Porte get a pro gig in Italy…”

Here’s a couple of ripper trivia questions about the great Neil Stevens – his prize for winning a Tour De France stage in 1997 included 30,000 Euros in cash plus what other bizarre prizes?  What was he reprimanded (but not expelled) from the 2002 Tour De France on the Mont ventouz stage for?

Sam, whoever you are, if you could please take on the responsibility of being the Quiz Master for the next 3 weeks I’d greatly appreciate it.  ;-)

Also over the course of the next 3 weeks we’ll be having some fun competitions with great give-aways.   Let the Giro begin!

Who’s your tip for this GC this year?

Bring it home Cadel!

If you want to hear some excellent pro cycling commentary and views, head on over to How good is this Giro poster he put together!?

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