Here’s part 2 of the video:

One of the better articles I’ve read can be found here on

There is an excellent interview with sports reporter Paul Kimmage and UCI President Pat McQuaid that you can listen to here. Well worth your attention.

In my opinion, Lance has done more good for cycling and cancer than almost anyone else in the world and I hope nothing comes out of this.  Was Lance ever racing dirty?  I don’t think it matters.  Look at the dodgy guys he beat in seven Tours.  Dirty or clean it’s an amazing feat.  We can’t go putting question marks on every great sporting achievement in the past.  No good could come out of Landis’ allegations uncovering anything negative.  Too many cancer victims have put hope on the Lance Armstrong story and he’s made cycling more popular than ever.   Love him or hate him, the Lance Armstrong Corp. cannot have this happen.

One thing I’m certain about is that Lance won’t be racing the Tour this year. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.