Melburn-Roobaix – Hell Of The Northcote

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Today was the fifth annual Melburn-Roobaix hosted by fyxomatosis.  There’s no other event like it in Australia that I know of.  It’s not a serious bike race.  It’s basically a scavenger hunt around the suburbs of Melbourne with nearly 400 difference species of cyclists all getting together with only one goal in mind – FUN.   Most cyclist’s version of fun is by tearing their mate’s legs off, but this was a much more typical definition of fun. No lactic acid involved.

The Melburn-Roobaix is one of the many things that makes up Melbourne’s phenomenal cycling culture.  The the bike-obsessed population, the cafes and bike shops that serve them, and the social interaction that ensues is all brought out by events such as this.  Very few things attract such a wide variety of people who simply love their bikes.   It always brings me back to earth and makes me remember why I enjoy cycling.

A big thanks to fyxomatosis and all the sponsors who make this unique event possible.  The amount of work that went into it would have been enormous.  I’m sure TC will have dozens of his magnificent photos posted once he catches his breath from the big day.  Until then, here’s a few happy snaps to hold you over…

PLUG: Have a go at the Dirty Deeds Cyclocross series this winter.  The first one is on June 27 at the Brunswick Velodrome grounds.   This is the real deal.  It’s sanctioned by Cycling Australia and presented by Brunswick Cycling Club.

@sumo_21 has some serious PRO style

The Melburn Roobiere bike.  By far the most important (and popular) bike of the day

This is absolutely brilliant.  One more bike that I NEED

Don’t mind if I do!

@LSD_SNR toughing out the cobbles with a broken collarbone.

On your mark, get set, GO!

I always get a laugh at how people introduce themselves to me as their Twitter name!  Great to meet @LanternRouge in photo and the rest of you

Photo by Leigh Schilling.  Go over to his site to see heaps of other great photos from the day.

Photo by Leigh Schilling.

Photo by Leigh Schilling.

Some of these alleyways get damn tight – especially with 400 riders all trying to get through at once!

There’s always one crazy cat on a unicycle

This veteran is no stranger to the pavè


It’s this way…no it’s this way…

Two time M-R winner looking a little lost?

How can you resist stopping for one of these?

Remember the “Bitsa” Bike (little bitsa this, little bitsa that) that I used in Vietnam courtesy of Cycling Edge?  Here it is again after making its trip back from the US.

The Bitsa has a nice purple paintjob now…

Here’s a video from last year’s Melburn Roobaix.  Different course, same idea.

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