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There are too many positive things happening at the moment with Australian cycling to give much attention to Floyd Landis’ allegations.   Misery loves company and it looks like Landis has hit rock bottom.   It’s a disaster for cycling and a sad situation for Floyd and all the people he’s accusing.

I prefer to focus on the positive right now.  Richie Porte in pink AND white, and in the past few minutes Mick Rogers took yellow at the Tour of California.  All this negativity should not overshadow these amazing achievements we’re witnessing right now.

Pink jersey, pink shades, pink helmet, pink decals, pink bartape and hoods.   I’m always amazed at how prepared these teams are at the Grand Tours.  Who would have guessed?

Cadel explaining what happened in yesterday’s stage. “You see, I was covering Vino here, a small bunch of 56 attacked and got a bit of a gap, nothing threatening….then all of a sudden…”

In case you missed it, Cadels Rainbow Jersey auction ended last night and sold for $6300! This is a fantastic contribution towards equipment for kids with Cerebral Palsy.  The rainbow shoes auction will start next week.

Vino tentatively practicing riding with no hands as he feels a victory salute coming on.

Just a few years ago Richie was surrounded by his Praties teammates at the Tour of Bright (I fondly remember how much it hurt).  Now look at him!  How cool would this be?

Let’s not forget about Lloydie still in the climbers jersey.

Another tattooed forearm stage winner.  Pozzato’s saves the pride of Italy and finally gets them a victory

Signs of elation is strictly forbidden amongst Italian cyclists on the podium.

Richie still in pink and white!


(curated by Sam, our trivia master)


1. In the 1998 Giro, there was only one Aussie and he was also the only English-speaking rider in the tour. Who was he?  Hint: He works for Garmin-Transitions now.

2. The final stage of this year’s Giro is – ITT, criterium, normal road stage or TTT?

3. Has Mark Cavendish ever won a road stage (ie. not TTT) in the Giro?

Bonus: Who is the notable Aussie back in the Maglia Nera after today’s stage?  Which other Aussie teammate of his came in last in today’s stage?

Answers From Yesterday:

1. Robbie McEwen was the Aussie sprinter who won 3 stages of the Giro in 2005.

2. Matthew Goss and Richie Porte are both Tasmanians and both have won stages in the Baby Giro (and both have probably dated most of the same girls in Tasmania as well)

3. The significance of the color pink in the Maglia Rosa is that it’s the color of the pages of the original sponsor La Gazetta Dello Sport.   Too easy.

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