San Vigilio di Marebbe – Plan de Corones

by CyclingTips

No real changes in GC after last night’s monster uphill TT to Plan de Corones.  Cadel is creeping up every day and making time on Basso.  The question is, will there be enough stages left for Cadel to make up the time he needs?   A few of us were talking about this the other day and it just might work out quite well for Cadel.  His BMC team has been completely destroyed so it’s good that he’s not defending the Pink Jersey.  If he can just make up enough time in the final few stages to slip past Basso without wasting energy being on the defense it may work out in his favor.  Looking at the stages ahead it’s very possible for Cadel to still win.

Anyway, here are the photos from last night.  I’m trying out a way of displaying these spectacular photos in a larger format so bear with me if the page looks a little messy.

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Lloydie held onto the King of the Mountains jersey, but just barely. He’s leading Basso and Cadel by only four points.

Garzelli, the eventual winner of the stage

Is Team Sky going to have buyers remorse come July?  We’ve all seen one-hit-wonders in the Grand Tours before.  It’ll be interesting to see how he goes in the TdF.  Wiggins has gone from 7th to 24th (lost 24mins) in the past 2 stages.

Good ol’ Canucklehead Michael Berry putting the smack down.  The other Canadian in the race, Svein Tuft didn’t wear his national time trial jersey yesterday and got fined 2,500 Swiss francs.  Knowing Svein, he was probably too humble and didn’t want to show-off by wearing it.  Either that, or he forgot it at home.

Richie, how many times do we have to tell you: SHOE COVERS! You could have held onto second…;-)

Arroyo keeps the lead, but he’s loosing his grasp!

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