SKCC Albert Park GP

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Photos by James Broadway. Love your work James!

This past weekend St. Kilda Cycling Club (SKCC) hosted the first annual Albert Park Grand Prix Criterium.   As usual, SKCC did an outstanding job with creating an excellent event as well as providing a festive atmosphere at Albert Park (on the same circuit as the Australian Formula 1 is held).

My only gripe about the race was that it was a hot dog circuit.  I despise hot dog circuits – simply because I’m not good at them.  They’re great for spectators to watch and they completely decimate the field.  About 70 riders started the A-Grade race and about 10 finished in the front group.  If you’re not in the front group, there’s no chance that you’ll chase back on.

If you’re a powermeter nerd like me you might be interested in what the power profile looks like for a race like this.  I consistently hit over 1200 watts accelerating out of every corner and I was still dropping wheels.   I was in the top 15 at all times so I had it relatively “easy“.   It took 40 minutes before I finally cracked.

This type of race demonstrates “normalized power” quite well.  As you can see from the power chart, it was peaks and valleys of continuous efforts.  The average power wasn’t overly high (287 watts), but the normalized power of 356 watts much better reflects the true physiological demands of a race like this.

Anyway, sorry to geek-out on you with all the powermeter stuff.  If you’re simply interested in the race here are some fantastic photos by James Broadway.

It was awesome to see and hear Matt Keenan out there calling the race.  It felt like we were racing a Grand Tour!

BTW, I see three subtle but important PRO violations in this picture.  A first-time offence warning will be sent to you in the mail.

Here’s Wandaa from Classic Kombi taking us out for our neutral lap.  Wandaa doesn’t like the hot dog corners any more than I do…

It’s always an honor to line up with against a legend like Tom Leaper.

Charles Howlett has a howitzer of a sprint on him.

The dreaded hot dog circuit.  50km/hr…2km/hr…50km/hr….2km/hr.  Bloody hell…

Daniel Braunsteins – Here’s an example of a talented bike racer with his head screwed on straight.  Great to see him putting Uni ahead of pro racing for the moment.  Braunsteins wrote a really good article a while back about his experience at the Tour of Qatar.

There’s me dropping wheels out of the corner.

James Mowatt on the U23 Fly-V team.  This kid is fast!

Mowatt driving the pace at the frontHow high is too high?    I’m talking socks here...

Eric Sheppard.  Remember his name and watch out for him.  What a talent.

This is all that was left after 40 minutes of racing.  Crosswinds also helped split apart the race

Leigh Schilling is usually behind the lense camera on this blog.  Great to see you suffer in the chase group Leigh.

Alexander Smyth and Daniel Braunsteins get away in the last couple laps and Smyth takes the win.

Jo Hogan took the win in the Women’s A Grade race with Belinda Goss taking second.  That’s a top notch women’s field!  Congrats to Jo for her recent well-deserved VIS scholarship.


1. What is Daniel Braunsteins the current holder of?

a) U23 National Road Championship

b) U23 National Criterium Championship

c) Third year Geology beer guzzling Championships

2. What year(s) did Tom Leaper do the Giro d’Italia?

a) 1999

b) 2000

c) 2001

3. Who in this race (SKCC Albert Park GP) has represented Australia in the Olympics on 3 separate occasions?

a) Tom Leaper

b) Danny Kah

c) Naughtyboy

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