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I’ll be the first one to admit that I’ve been a critic of Cadel’s black and fluro green shoes not being as PRO as they ought to be. I mean, he’s the World Champ for Pete’s sake! Before the TdU we saw him wearing some flash new World Champs shoes and then mysteriously they vanished.  What on earth happened to them?

(photo Veeral Patel)

For a long time I’ve wanted to write a blog post about a side of Cadel that the media doesn’t report as often as they should.  I have to admit that I’ve been critical of Cadel’s demeanor in the past as well.  I don’t know Cadel personally but I know lots of people who do.  Every last one of them say he’s a top bloke with a heart of gold.  Unfortunately there have been a few media faux pas that have given him an undeserving profile.  The fact of the matter is Cadel speaks through his actions much better than he does with his words and I for one am a converted Cadel fan.   He’s displayed that he’s the champion he is by letting his legs do the talking, and what I’ll be talking about next displays his true class as a human being.

I was contacted the other day by fellow reader and friend of Cadel’s, Troy Upfield.  One of Troy’s adorable twin daughters named Lily has Cerebral Palsy.  Lily is fortunate that Cadel and Chiara are big fans of hers and always make a point of giving her some kit to raise money for equipment and teaching aids.   The funds raised will help kids and their families buy this much needed equipment.

Here’s a short video of 6 year old Lily (almost 7!).  You can see why Cadel and Chiara are two of her biggest fans.

You can read more about Lily’s story the Upfield’s extraordinary perspective on living with Cerebral Palsy here.

The two items that Cadel has generously given to Lily for auction are his elusive Gaerne World Champion shoes and his first Rainbow Jersey that he received from BMC.

Over the next week we’ll be auctioning the jersey to raise funds for kids affected by Cerebral Palsy to buy much needed equipment.  After the World Champs jersey sells we’ll then auction Cadel’s World Champ shoes with the funds going to the same cause.

What Lily has achieved in the past three years is nothing short of amazing. Without the help of CPEC (Cerebral Palsy Education Centre) she would be immobile, unable to communicate effectively, and unable to attend a mainstream school environment.  Seriously – read this to be inspired.  Children like Lily require constant adult supervision to assist not only with mobility, but also self care tasks and transitions throughout the day into and out of her various pieces of highly specialised and expensive equipment.  The funds raised from these two auctions will go towards equipment and teaching aids so these children can learn to perform the daily functions that we all take for granted.

Assuming I haven’t overestimated my technical abilities (which I often do), the auction will start here tomorrow afternoon (Thursday, May 13) and run until Thursday, May 20 (Lilly’s 7th birthday).

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