Galeries de Fago

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Okay, this is the penultimate mountain bike post for this trip. I promise. Pat and I just had to show you a trail we stumbled upon today that was simply awesome. The trail is called the Galérie de Défago. It’s a short ride from Champery where we’re staying in Switzerland.  I needn’t say anything more.  Helmet cam footage at the bottom.

TIP: Use your tongue as a rudder to guide yourself down narrow trail just like Pat does

This was our first time riding the trail so it wasn’t overly tidy.  And if you hadn’t noticed there’s a bit of a drop off to the right, so we thought it might be a good idea to be slightly careful. Hardcore mountain bikers, you will cringe at our style.

Video player doesn’t seem to be working on all browsers at the moment. Direct link to video can be found here.

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