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There’s a small shipment of 20 Cycling Tips kit that arrived this week and I thought I’d take this opportunity to shamelessly promote it.   My intent isn’t to flood the roads with it but I had a few left over sizes kicking around that I want to even out.

I was so extremely happy with the quality, style and most importantly, comfort with the last order that I wouldn’t change a single thing.  Made by Capo, designed by SimpleSime, I’m 100% confident that you won’t be disappointed.

There are two options available:

1. The jersey and knicks with a FREE set of socks thrown in.  Well…you’re smart enough to know they’re not “free”, but build into the margins rather.  “FREEv” was just to get you excited.

2. When you buy the jersey, knicks and WINTER VEST at a package price, I’ll be throwing in a set of Capo Roubaix arm warmers completely FREE!   :-)

On the coldest of days of the Melbourne winter all I’ll wear this this exact kit along with a set of legwarmers, gloves and toe covers and I’m perfectly sorted.  It’s a really good combination of layering to keep you warm without sweating.

You can purchase your kit here and you’ll receive it at beginning of next week (international orders will take longer to ship).  I’m not one to put false deadlines on things, but last time most of the popular sizes were sold out in a few days.  For those who are big boned or carrying a bit of winter warmth, I ordered a few XXL for you folk.  If your size combination shows as “unavailable”, just email me (cyclingtips [at] gmail dot com). It probably means that I messed up somewhere.   CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Here is my modeling debut and some photos for those who haven’t seen the kit yet:

Buy the $18,000 CT Kit package and you’ll receive a FREE MOOTS!

Also, the SHUT UP LEGS T-shirt sizes are running low. Large and XL are sold out and only a few Medium and Smalls are left.  If you’ve been waiting to order one the time is running out.

They turned out very well and I’m extremely pleased with the quality and fit that A’qto produced.

Click here to order.

Update: The VAMOOTS RSL!

People are rightly interested in the beautiful MOOTS that I was riding in these photos.  Cycling Edge has been doing some cool customizations in conjunction with Steve from Sun Graphics in Melbourne.  Steve is an absolute genius with design, detail and precision in his paintjobs.

Cyclists are a quirky bunch and will only tolerate so much customization.  We all want to be different, but not stray too far from the straight and narrow.  I think they hit the nail on the head with this bike.  Subtle, understated, but definitely unique.

Fully titanium except for the carbon fork.  Titanium offers a great balance of strength, stiffness, weight dampening and durability.  Geez…I’m starting to sound like a salesman.  Could I have said anything more cliché about a bike?  What I can honestly say is that it rides beautifully.  Head to Cycling Edge if you want the whole sales pitch.  They’ll even let you take it out for a nice long test ride.

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