Tour de Swisse Carnage – Hold Your Line!

by CyclingTips

No cyclist likes to see this. Most of us are familiar with the loud crack that we hear just as a crash is happening. It gives me chills just thinking about it.

You can see from the video at the bottom that Haussler bumps Cavendish which results in a massive pile-up. Cavendish was fined fined 200 Swiss francs, 25 points in the sprinters competition, and 30 seconds on GC for not holding his line and causing the crash.

This isn’t the first time Cavendish has been punished for riding a dodgy sprint.  Check out stage 14 of the 2009 TdF where Cav was disqualified for intentionally boxing-in and endangering Hushovd.  See 3mins into the video and 5mins where they explain it.

The UCI rulebook is wide open for interpretation about this type of conduct (This month’s print edition of Velonews coincidentally has a whole article dedicated to this topic):

1.2.079: All licence holders shall at all times be properly dressed and behave correctly in all circumstances, even when not racing. They shall refrain from any acts of violence, threats or insults or any other improper behavior or from putting other persons in danger. They may not in word, gesture, writing or otherwise harm the reputation or question the honour of other licence holders, officials, sponsors, federations, the UCI or cycling in general. The right of criticism shall be exercised in a motivated and reasonable manner and with moderation.

1.2.080: All licence holders shall, in whatever capacity, participate in cycling races in a sporting and fair manner. They shall look to contributing fairly to the sporting success of the race.

1.2.082: Riders shall act with utmost caution. They shall be held responsible for any accidents that they cause.  They shall, in the way they behave in the race, observe the legislation of the country where the race takes place.

#1 Cavendish changes his line causing Haussler to clip his wheel and takes down the top sprinters in the Tour de Swisse
#2 Boonen slows up during the sprint but knows exactly what's coming to him. Rides right over Cavendish!
#3 Oh! An AG2R La Mondiale rider also hits Cavendish!
#4 Petacchi knows a victory salute would not be appropriate in this case. Robbie (behind) was another lucky one.
#5 Cancellara come out unscathed. Check out the face of Philippe Gilbert behind (to the right)
#6 Haussler needed stitches in his elbow and has withdrawn from the tour

#7 Arnaud Coyot (Caisse d’Epargne) was taken away with a possible hip fracture
#8 Aussies Brett Lancaster and Matty Wilson stayed upright
#9 Popovych didn't get away so lucky
#10 Race leader Tony Martin tells photographers to back off

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