What You Missed This Morning…In The Dandenongs

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Well, it was actually yesterday morning, but you get the idea.  I wanted to test out my new compact camera and I couldn’t think of a better place than up in the hills of the Dandenongs.  Yes, it is this green..

Leigh Schilling is usually the one behind the camera in many of the photos on this site.

I’ve been using Strava lately to log my GPS data and am loving it.  It automatically creates ride segments and leaderboards based on your uploaded data.  Here is one that it created for the 1 in 20 climb on this ride.

If you want a coupon for a free year subscription to Strava just email me and let me know.  The good guys at Strava gave me a bunch to hand out.

Due to high demand I am out of promotion codes for Strava. But if you still want to sign up for free you can send an email to support@strava.com  BEFORE June 30, 2010 with “CyclingTips-Strava-2010” in the subject line and you will receive a free year of Strava.

My ride was cut short because of three rookie moves.  1. Bad karma for being a wanker and doing a training ride on my Lightweights.  2. Not having tyre sealant in my tubulars.  3. Being too cocky to consider carrying a spare with me.  The cost: $100 cab ride home, $25 for breakfast while I waited for the cab, and $150 for a new tubular.  But, a morning out of the office in this paradise?   Priceless.   Oh yes, and a 6hrs of lost wages at contractor rates.  I’m going to go somewhere and scream.

What You Missed This Morning…(yes…this morning)

There is nothing like vibe of Cafe Racer first thing in the morning.  While most of the cyclists were finishing their ride with a morning coffee, my bunch was just meeting.  What a way to start the day.

Charlie B. – hell of a top bloke, even if he is French.  He’s hard as nails and brings that attitude with him to the massage table.  If you’re a cyclist want a good massage in Melbourne, go and see Charlie, Andy or Scooter.

Don’t miss Leigh Schilling’s Cycling Photography Exhibition at Cafe Racer on June 23rd

The fog was as thick as pea soup everywhere this morning except for 2Bays.

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