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Hi folks, Mrs. CT here.  Wade and I have been out all evening celebrating Bastille day with our new local friends.  I’ve never heard his French so fluent after a few glasses of red!  However, he is now passed out face down in bed so I thought I’d hijack the blog tonight since someone has to hold up the ship.

Here’s what we caught of the Tour today after we checked into the hotel and had a cold one by the pool:

A few guys were well ahead of the main peloton. I didn’t recognise anyone in the front bunch although they seemed to be focusing on some guy in a black and red kit with long blonde hair sponsored by some Euro bank.  They all look the same.  Maybe he’s important, not sure?  He only came in second so he must not be very good.  Anyway, isn’t it a given that they’re supposed to let a French guy win on Bastille day?  Everyone in the peloton rode harder on their rest day in Morzine.  I could have ridden faster than them!  Even Wade said it was a boring stage (although for some reason we were still watching it) so I hope you managed to catch up on some sleep last night and save those lates nights for some better action.

Today’s Quiz: Bringing your bike on vacation

(Sorry, no prizes today. I didn’t know what I was allowed to give away. Maybe his bike? ;- )

1) When you ask your partner if it’s ok to bring your bike along on your trip and she says “it’s up to you“, what she really means is:

a) Of course, but its going to cost you twice as much as that bike is worth in shopping purchases
b) Not on your life.  There’s no room for me, you and a bike on our annual vacation
c) It’s up to you, but you know what’s in your best interests if you don’t want to be sleeping on a separate bed with your bike

2) When against better judgement you decide to bring your bike on vacation, what is the best time to go for a ride?

a) After you’ve generously booked your partner an afternoon at the spa
b) On route to a fun filled destination with your partner
c) When your partner is still fast asleep at 5am

3) When driving along a beautiful winding road with incredible scenery on either side of you, the appropriate comment is the following:

a) Wow! This would be an amazing ride. Can you pull over so I can cycle the rest of the way?
b) First chance I get, I’m coming back here with my mates on a vacation of our own
c) No comment. Bite your tongue, smile and pretend you’re having a great time

Happy Bastille day everyone and Wade will be back with updates tomorrow (after he rides Mt Ventoux with a hangover…)

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