Stage 9: Cadel’s Tour In Ruins

by CyclingTips

Stuey, Lancaster and Lloydy lining up at the start in Morzine

I was lucky enough to catch the start of Stage 9 today from Morzine.  I reckon the start of the race is just as amazing to watch as the finish.  The riders are all just hanging out, chillin’, and mingling. Along with the whole sign-in procedure, the ASO is able to make the most uneventful moments of the TdF a spectacular show.  I was able to score myself a media pass and figured I may as well use it today and get into the mix of things.  I’m much more of a fan than “media“, however I’m fascinated with the whole way this whole media gig works.  I’m collecting photos and little snippets to show you the behind the scenes workings of the Tour de France.  The scale of the whole production is absolutely mind blowing!

I was in transit after the start of the stage today and just read the news now.  I’m shattered to see that Cadel lost nearly 8 mins today.  If he didn’t have bad luck, he’d have no luck at all.  He must be absolutely gutted. Rogers didn’t fair much better and lost nearly 5 mins.

The GC is starting to take shape and the cream is beginning to rise to the top:

The guys at have sent me over some power meter analysis stuff from today’s stage for those of you who are interested.  They’ve been monitoring Saxo’s Chris Anker Sorensen’s power data that you can take a look at here.  6.4 watts/kg!

I’m off to ride Mt Ventoux tomorrow as a little side-trip.  I love that mountain and am going to enjoy a nice long ride up it in the warm sunshine.  Yes, there will be “What you missed” pics, but no 6.4 watts/kg record breakers.  I’ve got to get some sleep but I leave you with a few stage photos and the daily TdF Quiz.

TdF Quiz

With special thanks to Sam, our Quizmaster

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1. What does a “hors categorie” climb mean?

A. Beyond categorisation/the climb is too steep and/or too long to categorise.
B. A climb of between 10 and 20% gradient.
C. A climb of less than 5% average gradient.

Bonus: What category is Mt Ventoux catagorised as?

2. Which National French holiday is tomorrow’s stage held on?  What it it’s significance?

3. In 1971 on a course very similar to the one being used in this year’s Stage 10 (Chambery – Gap), Eddy Merckx suffered one of his most difficult days in his Tour career.  How many minutes behind was Merckx (who got second) to Spain’s Luis Ocaña? Hint: Answer is in RIDE’s 2010 TdF guide on page 229.

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