Stage 5: A Day For The Sprinters

by CyclingTips

If you desperately needed to catch back up on your sleep, last night’s stage was one where you could safely go to bed early.  Highlights on SBS will do just fine with the typical formula of early suicide break-away, the catch, the sprint finish.  Not that I don’t enjoy these types of stages, however they’re not usually something that carry much more than 10 minutes of excitement in them.  Unless of course the break-away sticks until the very end or gets caught right at the finish line.  That’s when I get excited and start standing on the couch yelling at the television!

BTW, did you know that the break-away groups in tour stages will hardly ever allow themselves to get over 10mins of an advantage?  If they do so, then the peloton will often get nervous and bring them back much sooner.  Ten minutes is bordering on their comfort zone.  This isn’t always the case as we’ve seen before, but most of the time it is.  Koen de Kort was telling me about the break-away he was in during Stage 3 in the 2009 TdF.  They were barely even pedaling trying to keep within the 10min mark of the peloton behind riding at a snails pace (just before Columbia-HTC tore it to shreds soon after).  As a rule of thumb, a chasing peloton can bring back a break at the pace of 1 minute per 10km.

Photos and Tour de France Trivia

Trivia Question #1:  Why is Cancellara wearing his number upside down?
Trivia Question #2: Who is this man lurking around the start village? Bonus: What is his nickname?


Trivia Question #3: What was Cavendish’s highest top speed in his winning stage sprints in 2009?  a) 77km/hr  b) 71km/hr c) 80km/hr
Trivia Question #4: What was Mark Renshaw’s winning time in the Anna Meares’ “Ricketts Point Challenge”? 

Hint: read this post for background and this post for the answer

Trivia Question#5: What was the last race that Cavendish won?
Trivia Question#6: Name 3 riders on RadioShack who are faster than Lance?


Trivia Question #7: Which Columbia HTC rider is Cavendish man hugging?
How are other sports going to take us seriously when this is Cycling’s bad boy?
Trivia Question #8: How many stages did Mark Cavendish win in the 2009 Tour?

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