Tour of Geelong Stage 6

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This afternoon was the final stage of the Tour of Geelong combined with the Victorian State Criterium Championships.  Once again we saw some dodgy weather to finish off the theme of the week.

This was the same course as was featured in stage 2 of the Bay Crits last January. I quite like this course but decided to cut my losses this week and just stand on the sidelines and take some photos.

The AIS (Jayco-Skins) had one goal today – hold the race together today so Rohan Dennis could hold onto yellow.

Daniel Braunsteins playing the role of domestique for a change

Dylan Newell was driving the pace hard on the front trying to get a gap but nothing would stick.

The Malaysian National Team have been out here getting some good experience under the coaching of Will Walker.  They’ve had a tough week (haven’t we all!) but showed an excellent sprint today where they placed 3rd.

In the final 200m the heavens opened up and the rain started pouring down.

Joel Person takes the final stage of the Tour of Geelong and the Victorian Criterium Championships – image courtesy Jarrod Partridge

Full Results

Women’s Victorian State Criterium Championships

The women didn’t get as lucky as the men did with the weather.  The rain poured down off and on which made a dangerous race with the off-camber corners and lightning quick tailwind straights.  Congratulations to Jenny MacPherson for winning the sprint finish and being crowned the Victorian Women’s Criterium Champion.

I won’t beat around around the bush with what happened in the Women’s race.  I didn’t see the crash, but apparently a photographer who has been contributing to CyclingTips this week was on the course getting a photo of the sprint finish and had a run in with a rider which created a domino effect.  Many riders were involved and one poor VIS  rider is still in hospital.

Teri Dodds is primarily a sailing photographer, but her husband is a keen cyclist and she decided to have a go at shooting the Tour of Geelong this week. You’ve seen many of her photos over the past few days. There isn’t much that can be said but Teri is absolutely devastated and has sent me a sincere apology to post:

It is with much regret that I found myself in the way after the finish of the Women’s Elite cyclist criterium in today’s final stage of the Tour of Geelong. The pace over the line, took me by surprise and as I was shooting simply misread my move out of the way. I am sure there are many angry and frustrated members of the cycling community out there, and I agree with your thoughts. I am very angry and frustrated at myself for the entire situation. I thoroughly enjoyed photographing the tour and have utmost respect for the cyclists. Please accept my sincere apologies to the rider’s who were injured, to the team’s representatives and to race organiser’s. Teri

Everybody makes mistakes and there’s no denying that this one was a biggie.  All the best to the injured riders and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Jo Hogan had a successful week with winning the State TT and Road Championships

I could barely step outside to take this shot it was raining so hard!

Jenny MacPherson wins the Victorian State Crit Title!  – image courtesy Jarrod Partridge

The unfortunate crash involving one of the photographers on the course

Even though it was wet, the road was extremely rough which would have made for some horrible injuries.

From what I understand two riders went to hospital and one VIS rider needed to stay overnight.

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