Ballarat Cycling Classic – World Champs Warm-up

by CyclingTips

Yesterday we were given a rare treat on our local country roads. The best cyclists in the world lined up in Buninyong on the same course as our National Championship circuit in lead-up to next week’s main event.  There were more Italians hanging around here than on Lygon street during a soccer match!  I’ve raced these roads a few times in recent years and I have a pretty good idea of the speed guys like me ride up those hills. These PROs were absolutely smashing it today. To them the 130km distance was a walk in the park and they raced it like it was a hour long crit. It was amazing to see this spectacle right in our backyard.

One thing that was unique about this race was watching the riders get prepared. There were no team buses, no fancy hotels, no grand entrances. These guys sat in the back of their cars parked on the grass getting ready with no amenities just like any of us would do before a race.

I won’t write a race report because you could easily go to cyclingnews for that. Hopefully the photos tell a better story and show what a fantastic race it was.

Thank you to James Broadway, Leigh Schilling and Veeral Patel for slogging it out with me all day with their camera gear and contributing these great images.

Apologies in advance if this crashes Internet Explorer browsers when you read the full post. It seems to do this with image heavy content on IE.

Are you gonna be warm enough Pozzato? It’s only 20C outside.

Matt Keenan’s baby girl Kartika. As Matt said to me, “it was her first bike race, so the standard has been set pretty high”.

Chavanel signing in

Winner of Tour of Britain, Michael Albasini (or is it Bernie Eisel?)

View from the top. Thanks to Rodney for sending in!

Who is this man from Chile?!

There are rumours that Bodmar dropped his chain on the sprint for the line, costing him the victory to Pozzato. This shows it pretty clearly. Good eye Tim! Thanks for sending in

“What was I thinking with this stupid celibacy vow?”


1. Filippo Pozzato (Italy)

2. Maciej Bodnar (Poland)

3. Carlos Guinez (Chile)

4. Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland)

15. Simon Gerrans

FYI, I’ll be delaying the final installment of the WYMTM Photo Competition until next week. There’s too much good stuff to talk about over the next 6 days and I’m sure we’ll be getting some good submissions from Geelong in the coming days!

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