WYMTM Photo Competition – Week 1

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Photo by Stefan Rohner – Pyrenees, Shot on iPhone with the “hipstamatic” app.

We’ve completed week 1 of the What You Missed This Morning (WYMTM from now on!) Photo competition. In this first week I’ve had an overwhelming 350 photos sent to me from all over the world. I’m inspired by your response to get out riding and take some WYMTM photos with my new iPhone4 that just arrived in the mail yesterday.  From what I’ve seen from the submitted photos, the iphone4, the Blackberry Bold and a Nokia of some sort produce some excellent photos. I’m really digging some of the post processing apps like hipstamatic and Gorilla Cam.


CyclingTips’ sponsors have come to the party and generously donated some fantastic prizes towards the competition. If you send a good photo you’re pretty much guaranteed to win something.

  • The Grand Prize is a <C-4> CA2.7 wheelset from Endless Pedal. I own a set similar to these and I rate them highly. You can read a review of these wheels here. Australian Residents only. Note – color may be slightly different than shown.
  • Fourth Prize is a 2 year subscription to RIDE Cycling Review. Australian and New Zealand Residents. An international winner is still eligible for a 1 year subscription

There are some great runner-up prizes on offer as well:

  • 5th prize is an uber-cool BMC messenger bag. FYI, I read that the BMC Impec won the Eurobike Gold Award this week.  I’m looking forward to these arriving in Australia soon so I can have a reunion ride with it. Australian Residents only
  • 6th prize is a dual pass to Ride the Worlds in Geelong. Take a ride around the 2010 UCI World Championships course before the Elite Men start. Anyone coming to Geelong is eligible!
  • 7th prize is a Vuelta prize pack which includes a phone lanyard, sunglasses, cap, La vuelta bracelet and backpack courtesy of TopBike Tours. They’ll be brining these goodies back from their 2010 Vuelta tour going on right now. Australian Residents only.

International Competitors

I’m very fortunate that you visit CyclingTips and I’m keen for you to be involved with this competition. After all, you’re the ones getting the summer weather and providing the inspiration for us!  I’m sure you understand that most of the sponsors of CyclingTips have specific interests in marketing to cyclists in the region (marketing for the various parts of the world falls into different distributor’s budgets).

However, for the International competitors I’m happy to put up a Cycling Tips jersey and knicks to provide some incentive. Sorry, but I only have limited sizes left, but hopefully it will work out. I’ll keep you posted if I can round up a better prize for you guys from a sponsor with an international budget.

Week 1 Photos

I’m sorry if yours didn’t make it here this week. It was an extremely tough job and it took hours to pick a top 25. There were heaps of excellent pics but many didn’t meet the competition criteria, were blurry, or didn’t fit the overall theme particularly well. Some photos that weren’t so great made it here simply because of the caption or story it presented. However, this doesn’t mean it’s over for you. Feel free to take another crack and send another one in!

Keep em coming! Send you entries to WYMTM2010@gmail.com (please only submit to this email address or else I can’t keep track of them all)

Here are the TOP 25 WYMTM shots sent to me this week in no particular order:

Day 2 (Rathdowney to Casino) of our four day cycling tour of South-East Queensland and Northern NSW. Just past the Mt. Lyndsey climb and we had our first puncture. Whilst waiting for the puncture to be fixed, the bunch instinctively leant their bikes up against the barbed wire fence – and with that backdrop, well a photo opportunity if there ever was one. Taken on an iPhone 3G using Photogene and then additional post-processing done on the phone using Camera Kit.   —Nicholas

This was a misty morning mountain bike ride out on the Shenandoah mountain trail a few weeks ago.  Riding in the clouds made for a wet day but some great photos!  –RJ

Sunrise training ride around Richmond Park in London. Taken with an iPhone 3GS, using the Cross Process App. –Jason Ostler

Taken at Bald Spur Rd, Kinglake. Used an iPhone with Gorilla cam app, then ran through tilt shift generator app. –Rohan Gosden

Construction Zone: the winning photo – outside Yarra Glen – got a bit lost and ended up in a construction zone –Nicholas Allen

Self portrait taken with the iPhone,  –Stefan Rohner

Here’s my crack at winning the TopBike pack! This photo was taken of Paulie using an iPhone3GS while TeamMusette was riding Turton’s Track (out the back of Apollo Bay) –Beauie

Sydney harbour:  Harbour Bridge Cyclepath – 31 August, 2010, Taken with iphone, 3G –Peter

What you missed this morning.. …. in Tenerife, at 2200m. Sent from my iPhone 4  –Peter Smith

Gerry & Friends: Every weekend I pass by this crew in their colorful Mapei kits. A generation of cycling enthusiasm between them, they meet in the marina and head off on group rides throughout Los Angeles. Yesterday Gerry stopped by with his Lightning Bike and attracted quite a crowd. Michael Tabtabai

Checking the map: My two friends checking a map after a road we had planned to ride on was closed for construction. We were in the middle of a 17-day, 2200 mile ride, and I was not excited about adding another 5 miles to a 120+ mile day. The photo was taken with an iPhone 4 in Stryker, Ohio in the early morning.  —Michael Tabtabai

Ready to conquer the Road.  Sweden, 28th Aug. 2010 —Dimitrios Kiousis

This photo may seem short on inspiration. However given it was taken on a Wednesday morning last week, I simply sent it to a couple of mates with the caption “what time is it at your desk?” –Mathew Ashton

Morning Goldy! What you missed this morning on the Gold Coast. –Mooksy

This shot was taken using a Blackberry Bold on a magnificent  morning. Reminds us all of the Melbourne weather that is just around the corner! Enjoy! –Peter English

A beautiful morning on quiet seaside roads was topped off with the sighting of two southern right whales playing in the protected bays along the Great Ocean Rd.  Location: Cape Patton (between Kennet River and Skene’s Creek), Victoria –Anthony Seipolt

Taken with an iPhone 3, on the newish East Link bike track, near Boronia Road. –Darrin Southern

Berg,  my mountain nemesis. Taken on the 1/20 on iPhone 4, Program: Hipstamatic –Dan W

PRO Submissions

While Mark Renshaw (HTC Columbia), Richie Porte (Saxobank) and Koen de Kort (Skill Shimano) should be practising their lead-outs they’ve been thoughtfully submitting some WYMTM pics of their own.  Since it’s never fair competing against PROs of this calibre we’re gonna have to create another category for them.


My last SHUT UP LEGS T-shirt will go to the winning PRO photo submission. Sorry Jens, you’re not eligible. Neither is Ted King.

Mark_Renshaw @cyclingtips a quick cafe on my way to threshold efforts #WYMTM

Mark_Renshaw: @cyclingtips Richie Porte @porteye cutting some sick lines #WYMTM

Mark_Renshaw: @cyclingtips first effort down and a quick photo of Lake Annecy…#WYMTM

koendekort: Alright @cyclingtips, here’s one from me: what you missed this morning #WYMTM #Girona

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