WYMTM Photo Competition – Week 2

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A photo of the Hors categorie climb Luz-Ardiden, France. Taken near the top, looking back down the climb at my friend Mark in a world of pain. Taken with iphone 4 and edited in photoshop –Owen Richards

We’re at the end of week two of the WYMTM Photo competition. I don’t know exactly how many photos were submitted this week but it was many more than week 1 and it took me 9hrs to sort through them all and write this post! Keep the photo entries coming though. I get a kick out of seeing them arrive in my inbox every day. Just remember, camera phone photos only…


CyclingTips’ sponsors have donated some fantastic prizes towards the competition. If you send a good photo you’re pretty much guaranteed to win something.

  • The Grand Prize is a <C-4> CA2.7 wheelset from Endless Pedal. I own a set similar to these and I rate them highly. You can read a review of these wheels here. Australian Residents only. Note – color may be slightly different than shown.
  • Fourth Prize is a 2 year subscription to RIDE Cycling Review. Australian and New Zealand Residents. An international winner is still eligible for a 1 year subscription

There are some great runner-up prizes on offer as well:

  • 5th prize is an uber-cool BMC messenger bag.
  • 6th prize is a dual pass to Ride the Worlds in Geelong. Take a ride around the 2010 UCI World Championships course before the Elite Men start. Anyone coming to Geelong is eligible!
  • 7th prize is a Vuelta prize pack which includes a phone lanyard, sunglasses, cap, La vuelta bracelet and backpack courtesy of TopBike Tours. They’ll be brining these goodies back from their 2010 Vuelta tour going on right now. Australian Residents only.

International Competitor Prizes

I’m very fortunate that you visit CyclingTips and I’m keen for you to be involved with this competition. After all, you’re the ones getting the summer weather and providing the inspiration for us!  I’m sure you understand that most of the sponsors of CyclingTips have specific interests in marketing to cyclists in the region (marketing for the various parts of the world falls into different distributor’s budgets).

However, for the International competitors I’m happy to put up a Cycling Tips jersey and knicks to provide some incentive. Sorry, but I only have limited sizes left, but hopefully it will work out. I’ll keep you posted if I can round up a better prize for you guys from a sponsor with an international budget.

Week 2 Photos

Again, I’m sorry if yours didn’t make it here this week. I’m loving all the photos coming in but I’m only posting the top 20. There were heaps of excellent pics but many didn’t meet the competition criteria, were blurry, or didn’t fit the overall theme particularly well. This doesn’t mean it’s over for you. Feel free to take another crack and send another one in!

Send you entries to WYMTM2010@gmail.com (please only submit to this email address or else I can’t keep track of them all)

Here are the TOP 25 WYMTM shots sent to me this week in no particular order:

Mill Creek Canyon, Utah, iPhone 3G capture, Best Camera to process. —Mark

Chasing the hills, captured in Hatta hills 1 1/2 hrs drive out of Dubai, UAE. No cars in site but passports and a good nerve required whilst passing through the Border into Oman (AK-47’s v men clad in Lycra). –Luke

Beautiful soul. Love the bike love life. –Adrian

–Stefan Rohner

Photo taken in the mist atop the Col d’ Barrencoueu returning from Col du Tourmalet on a wet and rainy day. Taken with iphone 4 and edited in Photoshop. –Owen Richards

A photo taken during one of the morning rides in Ku-ring-gai Chase national park in Sydney. –Tom

Saturday 2 weeks ago, Old Freeway, just near Eagle On the Hill. BB Bold –Kym

Winter training on the lower slopes of Mt.Wellington in Hobart.  At this time of year normally chilly rides become a little more chilling due to the snow that falls quite low on many of the good climbs around Hobart.  It adds a surreal aspect to riding and makes for great photos!  This picture taken with an iphone 3G and edited with the Adobe PhotoShop Express App. –Henry

I took this photo a week before 2010 tdu. I was just riding past and the boys stopped me and asked me to join in. Valverde and luis sanchez then signed my prince at the unley start. Great guys. –pinarello413

Challenge – Count how many shots it takes you to frame this with a camera phones delay. HTC Desire. —Leigh Schilling

On a cold day a month or two ago, three gentlemen rose slowly up out of the fog in the Kangaroo Valley into beautiful sunshine, before swooping down into town for refreshment and tall tales. –Marcus

Here’s a couple fo photo’s from the north west of Australia (see map). Not much to see here except red dirt and rocks….  but we still get out every saturday…. I can’t wait for summer.. 40deg plus every day!  Not really technical photo’s but hey it is in the middle of nowhere! photos’ taken on a sony/erricson w705 about 25km from “civilisation” on the Millstream Rd out near Karratha. –Luke

AM on Clover Mill Road in Chester Springs Pennsylvania, USA. Shot taken on an iphone 3Gs, editing with Best Camera. –Andrew

Rad – Tim

Taken on a Tuesday Morning ride, after a sprint.  We all stop at the Raffles Hotel and wait for the rest of the group to catch up.  –Jeff

Not great quality as i only have 2MP on my Nokia so probably not good enough to put up but anyway… two mates and i were cruising around the ‘hills’ near Dookie in Central Victoria. While the sun was just shining through in this pic, we got soaked about 30mins later! –Joanne

These photos were taken on my iphone 3GS (edited on photoshop express app) at the start of winter (pre snow), the best part is that the rider is my GF!  Proves that your tips for getting the missus riding really do work!!  It was an awesome day, rode from Mt Beauty to the top of Falls Creek and were greeted with a couple of mountain bikes and taken out along the aquaduct track.  Thought i’d died and gone to heaven! –Matty

Others Worth Mentioning

These photos didn’t quite make it into the top 25 this week but I wanted to post them because of their captions, meaning, or simple fun.

WafflesYMTM – Jono training in Belgium

This 28 cog bailed me out a few times on the Tourmalet during the Etape. Some might consider it soft, but I achieved my sub-2 hour target for the climb! Taken on an iPhone 3GS and run through the Polarise app. –Ben

Taken riding back home from morning ride. Mist over the bay, sun streaming through and the water glassy smooth. Sydney skyline in the background. Perfection. –Luke

Who says 3 year olds cant look forward to their morning ride? Getting off road and dirty. shot with HTC Desire. -Leigh Schilling

I’m a broke student with only a landline (no mobile) so here’s my submission from an unedited canon sd1000 (which no longer works either).  Just outside of Ottawa, Ontario.

Big fan of the blog. Please find my entries attached. More can be found on my flickr –Jon (CT: These two photos above are fantastic however I’m uncertain if they’ve been taken with a camera phone. No EXIF data in the photo to tell…)

Shutting Up Legs. Mt. Martha Beach North. Wednesday 2nd September 8am. Without a T-shirt telling the legs to quieten down the only option after Arthur’s Seat is to drown them in the Bay. –Simon

Second photo from a Fathers Day ride in Chittering. Probably not a good entry as there’s no bike but the photo works for me.. That magical time of the morning where the sun hasn’t burned the mist off, your hands are numb from the cold and you can barely see the hills you need to climb as you head out. –Tony

My wife took the photo (iPhone) of me and my son at the summit of Mount Evans last August. Climbing is my passion.  As you likely know, the elevation at the top is over 14,000, and it’s one of my favorite rides. Since the photo was taken I was in a cycling accident that resulted in three weeks in the hospital, two in the ICU, and an eight-hour surgery on my head.  This photograph and my family are the primary motivations in my recovery. Ride, and thank you for your blog. –Matthew

St Kilda beach 7.30am after a ride to Mordy in June this year. Sorry no bike in photo (I’m sitting on it). Not long after taking this shot I was cleaned up (from the left) whilts riding back from Mordy at 8am, by a 4WD at St Kilda St. and Ormond Rd. roundabout. Very dangerous intersection. Anyway I got spinal fracture and broken thumb. Now 12 weeks in a body brace and no riding, so I enjoy your site each day to keep close to cycling. First people to help me after being hit by vehicle were two passing cyclists and Magda Sbanski?  Magda was very concerned and all she could. I this was an irony considering her previous comments. Regards, John Robins

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