WYMTM Photo Competition – Week 3

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Photo via chazhuttonsfsm.tumblr.com

We’re into week 3 of the What You Missed This Morning (WYMTM) photo competition. I’m still getting truckloads of photos sent in and I’m loving it! I wish I could post every single one of them but I’m limiting it to the top 25 of each week.  Next week will be the last week to get your photos in and then the winners will be announced. See the bottom of the post for all the great prizes up on offer.

See Week 1 photo submissions here.

See Week 2 photo submissions here.

Send you entries to WYMTM2010 [at] gmail.com. Please add a caption to give it some context and phone cameras only.

Even though my wife is mad about cycling too, it’s hard to resist a lie in once in a while… | Dave (with wife’s permission of course!)

Coffee after a lazy commute. Riding the MTB & contemplating several hours of suffering on it this weekend. Free musette from road race earlier in year – fully loaded & more comfortable than my $180 Crumpler (sorry Crumpler). Taken on iPhone 3GS with Hipstamatic. | Cam

Up ahead is a hill nicknamed “The Wall.”  The miles of flat Mississippi delta end with a ~14%, ~0.4km climb | Matt,  Coldwater, MS

Friendly horses in Kangaroo Ground, near Warrandyte. They kept were licking my bartape; it must have been salty. | Dan

Shot with a sony ericsson 880i pano function in the east Tyrolian mountains. | Wolfgang

First photo is looking north at Shasta dam, Shasta lake, and mt. Shasta from the descent back to the lake. Second is looking south at Redding, California from the climb up to the summit where the first photo was taken. iPhone pic using hipstamatic and best camera. | Nate, California. Strava Ride Map here

Look behind you! | John, Melbourne

Taken near “lac de serre ponçon” France. iPhone 3GS. Tilshift generator. | Romuald

107 degrees Fahrenheit and glad to be on a bike in the middle of Kansas! Taken on Blackberry Curve and too illiterate to mess with it. | Chris

“Caffeine Cams” – When its just too wet & cold outside, find some pain indoors with Dr Stephen Lane – RMIT Caffeine study – Caffeine or Not ?? | Cam & Cam

This photo was taken in the Keiwa Valley,  this morning and should probably be titled “What you are glad you missed this morning” This is a shot of my mate Kel Boers being dive-bombed by a couple of excited Collingwood supporters. It was taken on my iphone 3GS | Jeremy

Self portrait shot with iPhone 4 and Hipstamatic | Michael

What you missed, or rather didn’t miss, this morning from earlier in the month. Freezing and pouring rain, had to resort to the (almost tropical in temp comparisons!) shelter of the garage. 8×5 intervals with my own effort at copying the flooding going on just the other side of the roller door! The better half thought me nuts, so took a pic. Edited with PS Express, pic taken with 3Gs iPhone. | Nick

Fueling up for Tour of Britain. Breakfast of champions. iPhone 4 – Hipstamatic App. | Peter Smith [CT: Peter is a Melbournian over in Europe racing with Team Raleigh and just completed the Tour of Britain. Well done Peter!]

Ascending Kinglake | Aaron

At the end of a cyclocross ride a fog crept in through the canyon. It was so thick you could barely see the bottom. Taken with an iPhone 4 and edited in pshop. | Michael

This was what I actually missed on this particular morning. I was meant to be on an early pre-work ride and woke up sick. This photo was taken by a mate of mine at the overflow of one of the reservoirs in the Adelaide hills. | Ben

“No turning back” – the aftermath of last weekends storms at Two Bays in Mt Eliza, Melbourne | Miranda

All we can say for sure is that Tim’s front wheel caught in Brendan’s derailleur and that they both came down – in Brendan’s case, gracefully. | Mark, Melbourne

Taken last Sunday, Chittering just out of Perth WA with my best mate on a bloody cold morning! Shot taken with a Nokia N97 | Aaron

Here’s a picture of Eli in front of this crazy house in Malibu, CA. It was the end of a long day and we were all getting a little bit wacky and tired. | Terry

Just another Sunday winter training, it was just me and another friend, we decided to try a new road, but at the end the asphalt was gone, and we had to change it to a cyclocross training for about 5km. Taken with my Nokia N95gb. | Erick, Brazil

Berowra Waters Ferry Crossing – Four Gorges Ride – On the Northern Edge of Sydney, just 15mins from the CBD (in Sunday morning (lack of) traffic), once you hit the ferry, you feel like you could be about to enter another country” Camera Details: Nokia E51.  Post Photo processing using GIMP.  Lens distortion -> Colour Saturation -> Customs Stamp. | Mark

It’s not a cycling picture but still applies I think for it’s familiarity as I walked into a meeting at work and the guy running the meeting hadn’t set up yet but had his laptop hooked up to the big screen and lo and behold was a picture from CT on the big screen, I recognised it immediately. I had a chuckle and asked could I take picture to which he agreed, and then we spent nearly all of the meeting talking about cycling , CT, the worlds, Giro and Tour etc etc. Never under estimate the power of the bike! | Frank


[CT] The O2 Racing team doesn’t get together for training as often as we’d like, but we had an sensational 150km ride yesterday. Taken on iphone4 along one of my favorite areas – the coastal roads of Mt Martha.

[CT] I just checked out Fyxomatosis this morning and he has an excellent photo feature of his ride to Warburnton, VIC. Believe me, when you go for a ride with TC, be prepared for an adventure! Check out the full slideshow here.


CyclingTips’ sponsors have donated some fantastic prizes towards the competition. If you send a good photo you’re pretty much guaranteed to win something.

  • The Grand Prize is a <C-4> CA2.7 wheelset from Endless Pedal. I own a set similar to these and I rate them highly. You can read a review of these wheels here. Australian Residents only. Note – color may be slightly different than shown.
  • Fourth Prize is a 2 year subscription to RIDE Cycling Review. Australian and New Zealand Residents. An international winner is still eligible for a 1 year subscription

There are some great runner-up prizes on offer as well:

  • 5th prize is an uber-cool BMC messenger bag.
  • 6th prize is a dual pass to Ride the Worlds in Geelong. Take a ride around the 2010 UCI World Championships course before the Elite Men start. Anyone coming to Geelong is eligible!
  • 7th prize is a Vuelta prize pack which includes a phone lanyard, sunglasses, cap, La vuelta bracelet and backpack courtesy of TopBike Tours. They’ll be brining these goodies back from their 2010 Vuelta tour going on right now. Australian Residents only.
  • 8th prize NEW The Sufferfest has donated 5 indoor training videos for download. I’ve tried these things and they’re great for a motivating and structured interval session. Thanks guys! Open to anyone in the world.

International Competitor Prizes

I’m very fortunate that you visit CyclingTips and I’m keen for you to be involved with this competition. After all, you’re the ones getting the summer weather and providing the inspiration for us!  I’m sure you understand that most of the sponsors of CyclingTips have specific interests in marketing to cyclists in the region (marketing for the various parts of the world falls into different distributor’s budgets).

However, for the International competitors I’m happy to put up a Cycling Tips jersey and knicks to provide some incentive. Sorry, but I only have limited sizes left, but hopefully it will work out. I’ll keep you posted if I can round up a better prize for you guys from a sponsor with an international budget.

Week 2 Photos

Again, I’m sorry if yours didn’t make it here this week. I’m loving all the photos coming in but I’m only posting the top 20. There were heaps of excellent pics but many didn’t meet the competition criteria, were blurry, or didn’t fit the overall theme particularly well. This doesn’t mean it’s over for you. Feel free to take another crack and send another one in!

Send you entries to WYMTM2010@gmail.com (please only submit to this email address or else I can’t keep track of them all). And PLEASE – Camera phone photos only!

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